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Want your online store to look amazing with professional product photos? 

Take your e-commerce store to the next level whether you're selling on Amazon, Etsy or ebay and everything in between. 

Like honey to the bees, attract the right customers with beautifully styled photos for your social media and all your business marketing.  

Styled and Photographed by Social Media PhotographersProduct photography styled for e-commerce, social media photos and all your business marketing.

Impress them again when they 'add to cart' with crystal clear stock photos so your shoppers know exactly what they're getting.

Stock photography by Amber from Social Media PhotographersProduct photos for e-commerce and online stores from Amazon, ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Squarespace and website carts

From tiny products to oversize furniture, there will be nothing stopping you from launching that product or marketing your business when you have professional product photos that you can use for all your e-commerce, social media and business needs. 

Do you have a small product?

Book Now *$30+gst per item stock photo


Stock and Style Photography

by Social Media Photographers

From $30+GST per item, click here for a quote

So what's the difference between 'stock' and 'styled' images?

Stock photos are photographed on a plain white background and depending on the product, taken from a variety of angles.  There are no props or distractions for buyers to question, 'what's included?' 

When you can't hold, touch and feel a product, showcasing a variety of angles and details gives buyers confidence to proceed with their payment details to pay for their cart. 

Styled photos is your product staged to inspire a buyer to have it in their life too.  We set the scene for your product to be the hero with staging props and years of styling experience.

Every brand has its own personality, we work with your brands style guide (or help you create one) and establish a prop and staging kit, so your product photos are on-brand and unique to stand out from your competitors.


Stock and Style Photography

by YOU

DIY In-House Photo Studio for Stock and Style Photography

We're all about sharing our secrets and creating a practical photo studio setting in your workspace to take awesome photos, even with your phone.  We promise, no light boxes required!

Taking awesome photos is easier than ever with phone cameras.  The existence and foundation of Social Media Photographers is we want your brand to look its best with awesome images.  That's what inspired us back in 2012 with a foresight of phone camera technology and social media creating an even playing field for businesses of all sizes to market their business. 

Since 2014 we have delivered our Phoneography 101; How to Take Awesome Photos with a Smart/iPhone workshop to a variety of retail corporations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Brisbane Festival 2016 and hundreds of individuals through Ipswich Libraries, Redland Art Gallery and workshops throughout Brisbane.

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