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What should I wear for my profile photos?
Ensure your attire is appropriate to your industry. Simple guide, dress as you would to meet with your top client.

When you look at someone else's profile photo, do you know what you look at first? 

(Looking at a photo of yourself is a completely different experience!)

Studies show that a profile picture with eye contact brings more trust than without eye contact.  Ideally, you want viewers to make eye contact with your profile photo first; as humans, that's what we're looking for to seek a connection. 

Eyes really are the window to the soul and it's my job as a photographer, to capture you at the right moment for a great profile photo. 

What you wear can also support your viewers seeing first, a professional and friendly profile photo, before the top you decide to wear.

Do Wear:

A uniform if it is available

Consider your brand colours: incorporate or complement them

Corporate teams:  decide/discuss if you prefer to wear a tie on/or off and jacket on/or off

There is no wrong or right, consider how your profile photos will present being used together in a grid or alongside each other.  Often a team member who doesn't get the memo about these details can feel like they are either over or under-dressed for the occasion

Neutral colours are the most versatile to work with and can include colour in muted or softer tones; think blues, greens and greys 


Profile Photos are taken on a white background  This background can easily be removed so you can create any colour background you choose.

A complete white top on a white background gives an angelic look (if that's what your brand needs!) and makes it difficult to separate you from the background.

Wearing a coloured jacket/vest or scarf over the top of white looks great and separates from you the background.

To Avoid:

Brilliant colours; like brilliant red or high vis yellow draw the eye to become the focal point first and detract from the eye or the main subject of your image.  Consider this if you will be in group or team photos.

*If your brand colour is a fluoro or brilliant colour please wear that or bring it with you for your professional profile photo.

Shiny fabrics can cause reflective highlights from lighting

Large prints more easily date and can also detract the eye, however if you intend to regularly update your profile photo working a seasonal trend can work

Considering all of the above, if these avoid suggestions are key to your brand identity, wearing a neutral jacket over the top can make these work

Also remember, you can use your brand colours in the background of your profile photo to incorporate your brand.

Still not sure what to wear? 

Think of the outfit that gets you all the compliments, what colour is it?  This could be your most complimentary colour and a guide on what to wear.

Please let me know if you have any questions about what to wear for your profile photo.  If you're unsure, bring along your options and we  can decide together.

Any neutral colour works well
Neutrals can be colour too! Greens, blues; muted tones are good options
Avoid brighter colours like this, it becomes the focal point of the image

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