Want to know more about our Pop Up Studio?  Here are some of the most common questions.

Why do I need a professional profile photo?

It's pretty simple actually- professional profile photos get results.  Statistics show you are eleven more times likely to have your profile viewed if you include a photo on your LinkedIn profile.

Your profile photo is a first impression and reminder to your connections of your personal and business brand.   As they say, a picture says a thousand words.   When your pictures 1000 words match your carefully crafted content in your profile, it establishes confidence and consistency in your brand message.  And really, don't we all want a profile photo that looks great and makes us feel amazing?

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What about my friend who has a professional camera?

You absolutely can ask your friends or family to help you take a picture.  And sometimes you will get a good result- even with a phone camera.  We think you deserve an awesome result.  That's why our Pop Up Studio includes an experienced photographer and professional lighting kit, calibrated correctly to the conditions.  We even include some gentle retouching of your images in Photoshop and provide your complete Profile Photos perfectly resized and ready to load onto your social accounts including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. 

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Where can I find your Pop Up Studio?

Have you ever seen a "Where's Wally..." book?  How frustrating is it to look for something you want but can't find??   Our Pop Up Studios are nothing like that- you can find us just about anywhere- we can even come to you.  We work with Networking and Business Groups and Chambers of Commerce to Pop Up at their business meetings and events.  You can also invite a Pop Up studio to your next event or your workplace.  That's the benefit of being mobile- we can Pop Up just about anywhere!

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Why SMP and Pop Up Studios?

Our studios are equipped with a professional photographer, lighting and backdrops and are completely mobile.  This is not a Photo Booth setup- it's a real mobile studio with a human photographer (dogs and cats are cute but lack opposable thumbs).

For your event, this is a value add and conversation piece for your attendees, without any hassle or expense to you (unless you want to offer the experience free of charge to your attendees).

For your workplace, a Pop Up Studio offers convenience and saves any wasted productivity time in travel for you or your team.

Our staff are carefully selected and fully trained in portrait photography, customer service, and humour (*No guarantees on the humour). SMP and contractors also carry insurance for peace of mind.

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How much does it cost?

Workplace Pop Up Studios start at $249 +GST with group discounts available for multiple attendees.  Travel costs may apply.  We can also Pop Up at your next event and offer options where attendees pay for their own photo or photos are provided free of charge to attendees by the event organiser.

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What locations do your Pop Up Studios service?

Currently South East Queensland has coverage of Pop Up Studios.  All other capital cities have some coverage, contact us for availability.

If you are a professional photographer wanting to join our organisation, please contact us via email [email protected]. We want to hear from YOU!

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How can I get a Pop Up Studio at my next event, meeting or workplace?

To check availability and discuss your needs, send us a message using this handy form that we prepared earlier

If you are not a forms kind of person, you can give a call on 0402 911 553 (preferably during business hours M-F 9-5), send us an email at [email protected] or even message us on Facebook...we could go on but you get the picture! Let's get popping!

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What should I wear for my profile photos?

Ensure that your attire is flattering and appropriate to your industry. Standard profile photos are on a white background, so a coloured top works well.  A few suggestions on what not to wear:

  • Brilliant colours (think bright red or high vis yellow and fluorescents) can also be distracting.

  • Shiny fabrics that may be reflective

  • Some larger prints may be distracting and can 'date', however if you intend to update your profile at least every 6 months you can work with a seasonal trend.

  • White or very light coloured clothing for standard profile images.  For maximum versatility these images have a white background so you need a coloured top or a jacket over a white shirt.

  • Clothing should be appropriate to your industry (i.e. suit and tie, business jackets, collared shirt, etc).

  • Hair and makeup should be neat and tidy, think 'work appropriate'.

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Rochelle Courtenay Share the Dignity Social Media PhotographersRochelle Courtenay Share the Dignity Social Media PhotographersRochelle Courtenay Share The Dignity AusMumprenuer Finalist- Photographed by Amber Pace and Styling by Jan Easton of Social Media Photographers