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Five Photos Every Business Needs
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Professional services often use stock photos on their website and socials

When you or I are researching our next service provider, we're really not sure who we're buying from. Because, as a buyer, you know that the woman in the photo with the headset doesn't actually work at reception.  You see the same photo on another website and wonder if they're the same business.

Did you know MIT neuroscientists find the brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds?

Our brains are making visual assessments while researching our next purchase or service provider. We're looking for visual concepts we understand, before we choose to stop and look at, or read anything.

What if a photo of your local area could make a local client choose you over your competitor using generic stock photos?


As consumers, we're doing our own research before we buy

We've Googled, read reviews, checked your socials and compared all your competitors' advantages.  We have everything we need to make a buying decision before we make contact with any business.

What images are your buyers seeing?

During this process, we're unlikely to be reading your website and blogs that took you hours (or Chat GPT minutes) to write. We're scrolling the visuals to help us decide what to stop and read. Images are more important than ever as web search is enhanced by AI aggregating for text, images and video.

What about AI image generators?

They are so fun! Most marketing agencies will use stock or AI-generated images for professional service websites and socials. This creates an industry of websites that often all look the same."Excuse me!?" say all the marketing agencies.What I mean is, when you see an image from your local area, it is a visual concept your brain will recognise in under a second, which makes a quick and easy connection that your competitors are missing out on.Buyers are looking for clues on who they can get to know, like and trust.
Visuals are the fastest way to connect with, and be relatable to, an online buyer. Seeing something familiar or relatable can be the difference between you and your competitors' website.

Monitor your actions next time; are you a picture scroller or reader?

AI-generated images in the future may be able to give realistic, localised images but for now our visual brains aren't buying it. Try generating an AI profile photo of yourself for fun. It will be the most weird version of you.

No one wants to see a photo of me at a computer...

Genuine, realistic photos of your business gives an impression of being attainable and trustworthy. Buyers are looking for the easiest way of solving their problem.You're right, a photo of you at your computer isn't for everyone.  This is where client-first images can say, without saying, you're the go-to professional service in your area. Some creative prompts are coming up to get you started.

What are client-first images?

Images your buyers can relate to which speak to them directly.For example, let's say a large portion of your preferred customers are self-employed trades. A photo of a nearby construction or building site will likely stop them in their scroll. Our brains recognise details of our local environment and general interest. You know a Brisbane photo when you see one.Another client-first image could be a lifestyle or leisure photo of what clients would rather be doing if they had the time.You may already have a photo from your local golf club ;)

Images used for your business are designed to grab buyers' attention.

This will be a relief for those who think they need to have a photo library of selfies.

Your competitors are not you, their images can never look like you or your business. Your brand images are your most powerful marketing asset.

You don't need hundreds of photos and it doesn't need to be expensive, or a selfie!

There are five images you could use for each page of your website. Once you have these images, use them again and again.

One quality image from each of these five segments can be used when you create a website, social profile and banners, brochure, PR and media kit, presentation, proposal, email marketing and social media posts

Starting at number five, here are the images every business needs.  Even if it's a phone photo, make it a good one, especially number one.

five images every business needs_brisbane photographer_5.jpg

five images every business needs_brisbane photographer_4.jpg

five images every business needs_brisbane photographer_3.jpg

five images every business needs_brisbane photographer_2.jpg

five images every business needs_brisbane photographer_1.jpg

What does your business look like?

Want to know what your business looks like to a buyer?  

Photographer for a Morning
Invite me to photograph your business for a morning to capture all five segments of your business. Available to Sth East Queensland businesses

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