Social Media Photographers | Are you feeling “Contentstipated” when it comes to your content marketing?

Are you feeling “Contentstipated” when it comes to your content marketing?

ContentstipatedContentstipatedThat feeling you get when you are stuck for content- writers block

Why do so many of us get backed up when it comes to content creation?

The last 12 months I have been incredibly busy creating content.  Heaps of it.  But when I look back at the number of posts and programs that I have created for myself as opposed to content for clients my library is looking a bit thin.  Sure, I could blame it on being too busy with client work à la the cobbler’s children have no shoes. 

The truth is I have allowed myself to become “contentstipated”.  It’s that awkward feeling you get when you are full of great content but you just can’t seem to get it out?  It’s the worst!  And I reckon after speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs, business professionals and thought leaders it’s a battle that I am not alone in fighting.  Why do so many of us get backed up when it comes to content creation?

Consistency vs Creativity

I read an article many years ago recounting a story about Steve Jobs.  After initially resisting third-party apps for the iPhone, Jobs realised his mistake and the App Store was born.  But being the creative maverick that he was, Jobs reportedly lamented about the poor quality and lack of innovation of many of the apps by saying something to the effect of “The world doesn’t need more potatoes.”  

This quote, true or not, has always stuck in my head.  I often ask myself…am I just serving up another content potato?  The content may be filling….but it is just a bland, boring variation of the same old thing?  Now, the world will always need potatoes (just ask the Irish) but your social audience craves new information.  This is where the tension between Consistency vs Creativity exists.  We want to produce lots of regular content but we also want it to be new, fresh and thought-provoking.

Feeding the Content Machine

Content marketing, and specifically social media feeds, are a hungry machine.  To be competitive and build a strong audience you need to regularly feed the machine.  Whether it’s sending more people to your website, increasing your Facebook engagement or growing your Instagram followers we are all competing for eyeballs and dollars.  We want more people to see and read our content to increase our authority and ultimately our ability to sell products or services. 

How do we increase our online authority?  The simplest explanation is to regularly create and share high quality, engaging content that your audience finds useful.  Sounds easy but this is often the exact place many of us get “contentstipated”.  The hard bits for many of us are “regularly create and share” (Consistency) and “high, quality, engaging content” (Creativity).

How to be Consistently Creative

  • Quality is a non-negotiable.  Whatever you do, do it well.  Your audience deserves it. 


  • Invest in your skills and knowledge.  If you think your content isn’t good enough- get some specialist help.  Read, watch videos/webinars, attend a workshop, hire a content editor or writer.


  • Do it until.  I’m not a Dr Phil fan but he has one saying that really resonates when I’m feeling a content block.  “The universe rewards action. Successful people take action towards a known outcome. You can't think about it. You have to do it—and you don't do it for a week or a month. You do it until. Until you get what you want.”  If you want to create quality content that is creative- do it until.  If you don’t think you are a writer…do it until you gain the confidence and skills you need to be an effective communicator.


  • Rinse and Repeat.  Never use a piece of quality content just once.  Find ways that you can creatively repackage and reuse your content.  Write a blog post, split it into multiple social media posts, then create a video/webinar, etc.  Can you image if Simon Sinek only posted once about finding your WHY?



  • Be inspired.  Seek out people or brands that you are inspired by.  Study what they are doing and find ways that you can incorporate that inspiration into your own work.  Don’t try to copy or imitate what they are doing.  Find your own voice. (But seriously, Impressionism didn’t become an art movement just because one guy painted a fuzzy, flower-y landscape.  It’s okay to be part of a movement as long as you find your own spin.)


  • Don’t let perfectionism kill your creativity.  You might harshly judge your ideas/ content as not creative or unique or amazing enough to develop and share.  Just be careful that it’s not really the little voice of perfectionism holding you back.  Create something, send it out to the universe, listen to feedback and then get back to work.


  • Set goals with tight deadlines.  Commit to writing something, anything on a regular basis.   Be accountable to someone else.  Trust them to be the measure of quality and help you get your content out.  Once you set the habit it’s much easier to stay in the flow.

Now, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to unload all of your great content!

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