Build Your Business Using the 5P's of Visual Content

5Ps of Visual Content Social Media Photographers5Ps of Visual Content Social Media Photographers Humans are hardwired to process visual content. Our ancestors communicated with pictures and drawings 30,000 years ago. And it seems that our communication is coming full circle- who wants to read anymore?  Researchers have found that the human brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds- faster than the blink of an eye.  In that time we begin to make judgments, form opinions and make the first decisions about whether to take action or not.  Now consider the images that you have been using in your business- on your website, social media, and marketing materials.  Are your images effectively communicating with your customers?

Smart business people know that the goal of all customer interactions is to create strong relationships - Clients for Life.

For most businesses the cost of new client acquisition is higher than maintaining and building sales volumes with current clients.  And even if those clients are not actively buying from you (maybe your re-purchase cycle is quite long- like cars or large appliances) you still want to ensure that your business and brand is front of mind for when they are asked for recommendations from friends.  90% of consumers have said that they trust recommendations from their friends.

Social Media is one of the most time and cost effective ways to develop client relationships.  By providing high quality, useful content to your audience using a variety of channels you build a virtual moat around your client base, protecting them from competing brands or services.  Sounds great, right? But this is where most small business owners heave a big sigh and almost admit defeat. Maybe you have tried social media and not gotten the return you wanted.  You might be feeling frustrated or stuck for content.  You know images are important and that visual content is the new buzzword.  But what the heck do you actually do to make all this happen?

You tell your story.  Every business has a story to share and there is an audience out there just waiting to connect with you.  It’s your job to share your story so that you can connect with your audience, educate them on what you have to offer and why it will benefit them.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words there is no easier way to tell your story than with great photos.

To help our clients build an image library for their businesses, we developed the 5 P’s of Visual Content.

5P's of Visual Content

  • People
  • Product
  • Places
  • Personality
  • Promotion

Businesses can use the 5P's to plan out their visual content and develop an image library for use on websites, social media, blog posts and marketing communication.

Let's look at some examples of each area.


Who are the people in your business?  Do you have great images of your team, including professional profile photos as well as your team at work?  Think about your clients, your supporters and even people in your local community.  It's not all about selfies- some social media channels actually respond better to images with "body parts" rather than faces.  How can you include the People element in your photos?


What products or services do you offer?  What do they look like?  How do I use them?  What else do they go with and how can the customer incorporate them into their  life?  Visualizing a product can be difficult for service based businesses, so you may instead focus on what your service gives to the customer- is it freedom, time, emotion, etc.


For bricks and mortar businesses this can include your shopfront, workspace or workshop.  Consider also your local community- where you work, live and play.  This can also include iconic images from areas that you service or from events that you attend.  Images of your physical space are very important for any location that directly services customers onsite.


Competition for customers can be fierce.  You need to let them know what makes your business unique.  What sets you apart from the competition and why should the customer choose to work with you.  Your brand personality is unique to your business.  It may be expressed with a signature item, a colour, humour or how you choose to present information in a new and engaging way.  Customers want genuine connections with the businesses they work with so now is the time to let your personality shine.


If you are not telling your audience about your business and what you can offer- then who is?  You cannot assume that your audience knows about every product or service that your offer.  By promoting your businesses in a respectful way you are actually providing a valuable service to your clients.  Share with them special offers, new products, and the features and benefits of what you offer.

And here is a bonus "P" all starts with a PLAN.

To effectively build strong relationships with your clients you need to provide regular, high-quality and useful content.  Having an image library that incorporates the 5P's of Visual Content will give a strong foundation but you need a plan to implement this is a sustainable, actionable way.

You can work through this process on your own using our Free Social Media Image Planner, or you can contact us to schedule a guided Image Strategy and Planning session.

Share your image inspiration with us!  We love to see how businesses are incorporating the 5P's of Visual Content into their communication.  Share an image with us on Facebook or tag @socialmediaphotographers on Instagram.


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