Social Media Photographers | Using Photos to Drive Your October Safe Work Campaigns

Using Photos to Drive Your October Safe Work Campaigns

National Safe Work Month CampaignSafety in Focus

At Social Media Photographers we like to challenge ourselves to find new and creative ways for businesses to harness the power of photography.  And since October is National Safe Work Month we decided to focus our attention on Workplace Health and Safety.  Health and Safety is a serious subject but there are ways to create a fun and engaging campaign in your workplace- without spending a lot of money.

Real People = Real Results

Our first priority in developing a campaign to support National Safe Work Month was to help businesses reduce their use of stock images.  Why?  Because if you want to celebrate Safety in YOUR workplace and encourage safe behaviours in YOUR employees then your campaigns should feature YOUR people. 

We developed the “Safety in Focus” campaign so that businesses can involve their own employees in an easy campaign that supports safety awareness in the workplace.  The Safety in Focus campaign is simple- employees are invited to submit a “Safety Snap” which is a photo of them demonstrating safe behaviours or showing their support for safety at work.  This could be them using personal protective equipment, getting together for a toolbox talk, or celebrating safety.

National Safe Work Month CampaignSafety in Focus

Raise Awareness

Encouraging employees to focus on safety and capture safe behaviours in a “safety snap” raises awareness of Health and Safety overall.  The photo creates a lasting impression of safety and safe behaviours.  Employees benefit from a focus on safe behaviours and the business can then use the images submitted to build an image library for ongoing Health and Safety training.

Support Safe Behaviours

The images submitted for the Safety in Focus campaign can be used to create fun prizes and further reinforce safe behaviours.  Examples of use can include:

  • Posters
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Mouse pads
  • Calendars
  • Awards/Certificates
  • Blog posts, newsletters, website images
  • Social Media campaigns


Show your support this October for National Safe Work month by running a Safety in Focus campaign at your workplace.  Download your free Safety In Focus resource kit.


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