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Unlock Your CreativityNo matter what you do, creativity is a part of life, even if you don’t know you are ‘doing it’.

No matter what you do, creativity is a part of life, even if you don’t know you are ‘doing it’.  Your challenge is to find the keys that unlock your creativity to keep your social media communications fresh and inspired for your audience. Definition of creativityDefinition of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something

The definition of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

If you’re thinking "I’m not the creative type" and you’re about to switch off reading this and start wondering what’s for dinner or what to do on the weekend, you’re doing it, you’re CREATING ideas!

How do you BE creative?

While I was on my own creative hiatus from photography, I decided to focus on doing everyday things from a new perspective.  What would happen if I saw my environment differently, used my brain differently?

As I spoke with friends who were in a rut, I offered these same tips and realised they were relevant to anyone looking for a new spin on things.  If in your life, career or passion, you feel that your creativity has upped and left or you’re simply out of ideas, use these tips to help get your creative mojo working.

And while you’re at it, be your own best friend and be kind to yourself.

1. Find a new perspective. 

This can be applied to everyday things like sitting at a different seat of the table where you eat; a different table at your local café or even reminding yourself to look out a new window from the office.  You’ll be surprised at what you notice! 

I set myself a challenge one day to take photos lying on the ground and found this antsion (mansion for ants).

Find a new perspective


2. Walk on the opposite side of the street during your usual route.

Have your ever walked or driven home and not actually remembered the journey?  Taking yourself out of your normal routine will help switch your brain off of auto-pilot.  Going somewhere new, even if it is just across the street encourages you to take notice of what's happening around you. 


3. Give your brain a workout.

Your brain is like a muscle that gets weak overtime without use.  The good thing is brain workouts don't have to involve burpees (although physical exercise is great for the mind).  Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand for a week.

Try to solve a Rubix’s Cube without peeling the stickers off or beat your personal score on the latest brain training app.  Reach out to parts of your brain you don’t access often. Your brain needs flexing too.


4. Finish or forget.

Free up space of unfinished projects that might be cluttering your life (and brain).  This will free your mind from wandering to that craft or work project you started and never finished. I read a great article on decluttering that suggested to hold an item and ask yourself, does this bring me joy? If the answer is no, forget it and be OK to part with your amazing idea from months ago and bin it, recycle it or give it away.  This is a very liberating activity!

If it does bring you a sense of joy, finish it.  Choose one project to finish, that’s all it takes to make some mind space for new ideas and feel a sense of satisfaction. It may even inspire you to finish more.


5. Challenge yourself.

Whether for the mind or your body, set yourself a simple challenge.  It might be to walk/run/skip for 5km, take a photo a day, or improve your diet.  Start small and make it achievable.  This helps take the focus away from your creative rut to give it some breathing space. Often you will find that as your focus moves to something new you will have a light bulb moment about another area of your life/work.


6. Learn something new.

A quote by John Cage that I find really inspiring is "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."  Developing a habit of lifetime learning exposes you to a wealth of new ideas.  Read a book, join a webinar, attend a workshop or enroll in a new course.  You’ll be surprised how things in life inter-relate, not to mention new people to meet.


7. You've already started!

Congratulations!  By reading this article your brain is already making new connections.  We can't wait to see what you do next.

Share your creativity tips or the results of your creative spark with us in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram.



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