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7 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Watching Play School

7 Social Media Lessons from Playschool7 Social Media Lessons from Playschool Play School is a popular Australian education television show for pre-schoolers and young children.  The show captivates young kids and I have often found myself wondering how I could capture an audience’s attention in the same way.  I came to realise that Play School is a lot like Social Media.  You check in regularly, hope to meet new people and see something new, interesting and useful.  But to be really successful, you have to follow some basic rules.

Here are the 7 Social Media lessons I learned from watching Play School:

Keep it simple.

Toddlers have a short attention span.  But adults flipping through their Instagram feed are even worse.  You have milli-seconds to capture someone’s attention.  So keep your images and messages simple. Note: Simple does not mean simplistic.  You can still have depth, complexity and interest in your photos, as long as the overall image makes sense.   

Its make your own pizza tonight! Love the colour of fresh food, had to take a phone snap. #phonephotography #fresh #pizza #phonecamera

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Perfection is overrated.

Think of the lovely, lopsided and imperfect crafts on Playschool.  Rather than getting stuck in the rut of perfection, aim to take really great photos.  Practice, review, make adjustments, ask for help.  But just get on with it and CREATE!

Colour rules. 

Black and white images will always have a place and there is nothing wrong with including a few in your Instagram feeds (our posts from the 5 day black and white photo challenge were well received).  But overall, colour will get you more engagement every time.

Themes provide focus. 

The Play School format includes a weekly theme that is used to guide the show’s content including songs, crafts and stories.  You can also use themes in your photographs and social media posts.  These may be daily, weekly, seasonal or just based on what inspires you at the moment. In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, we worked with local florists to fill our Instagram feed with blooms.

Knowledge is power. 

Humans crave knowledge and learning.  Play School makes learning fun and interesting.  How can you be useful and share your knowledge?  This could be providing tips, tricks or advice to your followers.


Play is good. 

Lighten up, have some fun and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself or share some joy.  Play is a natural state for kids (it’s not surprising that the show is called Play School!).  Look for ways that you can add some playfulness to your images.

Be friendly. 

Big Ted would never call Humpty fat or tell Jemima that her dress was ugly.  If you see someone doing something awesome or an image that you love, leave them a comment to let them know.  And if you don’t have anything nice to say … just keep it to yourself.  Constructive feedback can be provided via a direct message if you really want to be helpful.  We have reached out directly to other Instagram users via a direct message to offer suggestions on photo improvements or adjustments.  We often get a very positive and thankful response because the private and helpful nature of the message makes it clear we are genuine and not just trolling or spamming with comments.

Have your been inspired by a children's show?  We'd love to hear from you.  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram (#smpinspo) or leave a comment below.


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