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What Instagram made me do at midnight

Ever been watching TV late at night and felt the power of advertising draw you up from the couch? Before you can say "the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks," you're grabbing the keys and heading out the door.

Well, Instagram did it to me tonight ... at midnight.  Can you believe a laundromat and a ham sandwich were involved in this seduction.

This isn't about how easily I'm seduced by a ham sandwich. My point is that if you aren't using social media for your business, you're missing out on suckers like me!

It started as an innocent comment on a post by one of our favourite Instagramers, @indooroopilly_laundromat.

They had posted an enticing image of a generously loaded ham toasted sandwich with Nanna's mango sauce, garnished with rocket. It was from their neighbouring cafe @abodecafe.

I glanced at my Instagram account to see that ham sandwich again at midnight and decided then that I wanted it now.  Lucky I had the basic ingredients at home and it's still on my mind to drive across town and try out the real deal sometime soon.  I might even take my washing...

Here is my version - iceberg lettuce just doesn't do it so check out the original mouthwatering version on Instagram and while you're there, follow @socialmediaphotographers for pretty pictures and photo tips you can use with your phone camera. Ham Sandwich Instagram made me do it


Indooroopilly Laundromat(non-registered)
lol so sorry about that....not! ;) Great funny little read about what a naughty temptress we are...and it isn't even about dirty laundry. Thanks guys :D
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