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Top 5 Tips for Great Linkedin Profile Photos

5 Tips for Great Looking Linkedin Profiles5 Tips for Great Looking Linkedin Profiles

If you are going to use Linkedin to its full potential to increase your professional profile and business reach, investing in your professional profile photo is an important step.  Here are our top 5 tips for a great looking Linkedin profile:

#1 Use a professional camera and lighting setup.

You may capture a good photo on your iphone or DSLR but we think your professional profile is worthy of a great photo.  A professional camera and lighting setup will produce a high quality image, free of shadows, harsh or unflattering light or unbalanced colours.

#2 Don’t use photo enhancing apps or filters. 

A few tweaks or filters can’t hurt can they?  Unfortunately, most photo enhancing apps distort the image- and people will notice.  The end result will look a bit off making the viewer feel uncomfortable looking at your picture without knowing exactly why.  Leave the gently retouching to the professionals to get the best and most natural result.

#3 Clothing matters.

We haven’t seen any “clothing optional” photos on LinkedIn but we have seen plenty of questionable choices.  Ensure that your attire is flattering and appropriate to your industry.  This will pretty much rule out any weekend, wedding or sporting photos no matter how great you look.

#4 Don’t crop your friends and family.

You may be tempted to use that great family photo for your profile picture all you need to do is crop out your wife/husband/child/dog, right?  Wrong.  Poorly cropped images leave the viewer wondering about what’s missing from the shot rather than focusing on connecting with you.

#5 Update your photo regularly. 

The common recommendation is to update your profile photo at least annually.  Additionally you should consider updating your profile photo after major changes (weight loss, hair style changes, etc) or if you are looking for a new role.  This ensures that your profile always looks fresh, current and like the real you.


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