Social Media Photographers | What does your Linkedin Profile Photo say about you?

What does your Linkedin Profile Photo say about you?

What does your Linkedin Profile say about youWhat does your Linkedin Profile say about you

As a professional photographer my eye is trained to see ways a photograph can be improved- better lighting, focus, cropping, and the list goes on.  But as I scrolled through pages of missing or amateur looking Linkedin profile photos it got me wondering…was I being too critical?  Does a professional Linkedin profile picture really matter?

To help answer this question I reached out to Amanda Hoffmann, a Bookkeeper, speaker and blogger who is a Linkedin expert.

Q: Why should people have a professional Linkedin Profile Photo?

A: A recent and professional photo is important not just as a way for people to identify if they know you, but to ensure you create a strong positive impression.  Sadly, most contacts do not put much thought into their profile photo, thinking that a wedding shot will do.

Q: Does an out of date photo, or no profile photo, affect the quality of connections on Linkedin?

A: On principle, I will not connect with anyone who does not have a profile photo that I recognise. The only exception to that rule is for family members whom I love and grew up with.  When it comes to creating a good first impression, a clear, recent professional photo always works best. Ensure that it shows your profile from the shoulders up with no busy background that would detract from your face.

Q: Many people we talk to think Linkedin is just like a resume- and they would never put their photo on a resume.  What are your thoughts?

A: When people forget about LinkedIn being only a "resume" they open their minds and hearts to new opportunities. I helped my cousin to update her LinkedIn profile. She is in a profession where many of her colleges have no photo or an unfinished profile. Within four months she was approached for new opportunities with better pay and position. She decided to stay where she is, but has been given acknowledgment of her professionalism, value and a large pay rise to stay where she is.  LinkedIn can open many doors of new opportunities and increase your ability to be successful when used as a networking platform and with an open mind.

For more helpful Linkedin tips from Amanda, you can read her article here.

If you are going to use Linkedin to its full potential to increase your professional profile and business reach, investing in your professional profile photo is an important step.  To learn more about how to get a great Linkedin profile photo read the Social Media Photographers Top 5 Tips for Great Linkedin Profile Photos.


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