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Why Your Phone is the Only Camera You Need on Holiday


One of the first rules of travel is to pack light. One way that you can lighten your luggage load is to ditch the SLR or point-and-shoot camera and just travel using your smartphone camera.

Phone cameras have dramatically improved over the past few years. Apple promotes the quality of the iPhone camera with their "Shot on iPhone" campaign. And some Android phones offer superior quality to the iPhone.

But this isn't really a discussion about camera makes or models, but rather recognising that for many of us the camera we reach for first is our phone camera. And to prove our point, we set off on two very different holidays armed with only our phone camera.  And in additional to keeping us under our baggage allowance, having only our phone camera prompted us to develop our latest workshop. 

What is Travelography?

Travelography means travel photography.  And if your smartphone is less than 3 years old, you have a pretty powerful camera that will help you to capture just about every type of travel photo you want.  In our Travelography Workshop, we explore

  • Travel Photography from the experts
  • How to apply photography fundamentals to take a great shot
  • Phone camera tricks
  • The must have Travel Photography tools and camera accessories

Western Australia- shot on Samsung Note 3 by Amber Pace

Western Australia - Travel Photos by Amber Pace (Samsung Note 3)

You can capture memorable travel photos with your phone camera.

Phone cameras do have some limitations but with the right training, you can overcome many of these to still capture amazing photos.  In our adventures, Amber set off to explore Australia's Coral Coast in beautiful Western Australia.  Her goal was to capture the diverse scenery from beach to desert with only her phone camera.  And Jan went for an overseas holiday to Hawaii with visions of sandy beaches and lush green jungles.  We  had two goals in mind:

  1. Take some great travel photos to help us remember the holiday.  We use our photos for Social Media, Photo books and prints just like the typical traveler.
  2. Spend less time behind the camera trying to get lots of photos and more time enjoying our holiday and the scenery. 

We found that as we spoke to other travelers they had the same goals.  They wanted really great pictures, but often found themselves frustrated that they seemed to be spending more time taking pictures than participating in the holiday.  And often after all the time and energy taking photos, they were still disappointed with the result.

It was clear that travelers wanted to use their phone- but just needed some help learning the tips and tricks.  We decided to put our own experiences to the test to develop our Travelography Workshop to help others create stunning holiday photos.

A good artisan does not blame his or her tools.

If you have been disappointed by your holiday or travel photos in the past, it's easy to blame the quality of your phone camera.  But if your smartphone is less than 3 years old (and in good nick) you can achieve high quality photos that you will love for years to come- with the right training.  Having a strong understanding of photography fundamentals is the first step.  Also knowing how to use your phone camera to take great shots and what accessories can help will ensure that you have everything you need to take great photos.

Oahu Hawaii-Phone Camera Photos on Samsung Note 4 by Jan Easton Oahu, Hawaii - Travel Photos by Jan Easton (Samsung Note 4)

Want to learn more?  Join one of our Travelography Workshops or contact us for additional details.  If you have a great travel photo that you want to share, follow us on Instagram @socialmediaphotographers and tag us in your photos.



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