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The 7 Faces of Linkedin

First impressions matter.  So why are so many people neglecting their Linkedin profile photos?

Princeton psychologists reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, and that longer exposures don’t significantly alter those impressions.

In fact it took you longer to read the words “First Impressions” than it takes you to form an impression of someone based on their Linkedin profile photo.

If you are in the job market, one study found that recruiters spent nearly 20% of the total viewing time on you profile staring at your profile picture. But don’t think just because you may not be in the job market that your profile picture does not matter. An IDC Social Buying Report found that 76% of B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network- so your prospects are checking you out (and forming impressions about you too).

We did a comprehensive review of over 1000 profiles from across the world and the results were surprising.  Linkedin profile photos generally fall into one of 7 categories that we like to call "The 7 Faces of Linkedin"

1. The Phantom

Hello, is it you I'm looking for?  Hard to believe it but people are creating profiles everyday without uploading a profile photo.  And many have their privacy settings set to not display their profile photo publicly.

2. The Dark and Mysterious

We're not talking about your personality- it's all about the lighting (or lack of it) and sometimes even the choice to wear sunglasses (?!).  Profile photos should be well lit, not just because it is more flattering but it also helps the viewer to clearly identify you.

3. The Chopper - AKA "The Cold Shoulder"

The Chopper is ruthless, slicing off friends, family and loved ones all for the sake of a profile photo. Sometimes they even chop themselves.  Images like these create a visual distraction, leaving the viewer wondering more about who else should be in the picture rather than paying full attention to you.

4. The Life of the Party

Just don't do it.  Even if you are in the events and promotions space (or just a real live-wire at parties) you still need to present a professional, industry appropriate profile photo.

5. The Selfie

Linkedin is a valuable networking, business building, income generating tool.  You deserve better representation than a Facebook worthy selfie.

6. The Reluctant Poser

You really didn't want to do this but Marketing, your boss, your Grandma told you "You need a Linkedin Profile!".  So you stand like a deer in the headlights while someone gets a quick snap and BAM!  There is your photo. (Trust me, I feel for you.  Most people hate getting their photo taken.  But that's no excuse for not getting a comfortable, natural looking photo- you are worth it!).

7. The Polished Professional

Confident and ready to do business.  Thank you for showing your network the real you. Someone who values their personal brand and is willing to invest in a professional, high quality profile picture.  You look great!

Which one are you?


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