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8 Ways To Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook

8 Ways to Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook8 Ways to Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook Facebook regularly tinkers with their Newsfeed algorithms making it more difficult for your posts to get noticed by your audience.  So for the time poor business owner, how can you maximise your content so that you can engage with your audience?

Here are our 8 Ways To Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook...

  • Plan to create great content. Engaging content doesn't just happen- you have to make it happen.  Most people cannot just hop onto Facebook and whip up a really great post that will have their audience raving.  You have to make a post planner and craft your post content accordingly.  This means linking it to information that will be of value to your audience which can include news, tips, events, sales or special offers, humourous or lifestyle stories depending on your business needs and Facebook strategy. 
  • Include a photo or video.  Facebook is a visual medium and posts with a photo, graphic or video gain more engagement.  According to Simply Measured's Q3 2014 Facebook Study, photos account for 62% of all brand posts and 77% of all engagement.
  • Keep your post content short and free of typos.  While post length is not a hard and fast rule- post quality and grammar must not be ignored.  While you can include the occasional long post, ensure that the content is going to be worth the extra time your audience invest in clicking on the "Continue Reading" link.
  • Verify all links and tags are correct prior to posting.  Sure, you can edit a post to correct any mistakes but that takes time.  Get your post content right the first time and don't rely on your audience to point out broken links or incorrect tags.
  • Ask a question or offer something.  Engaging posts prompt a conversation or action.  Don't be afraid to ask for opinions, suggestions or solutions from your audience.  An offer doesn't have to be a discount or giveaway (but these help).  You may offer a useful link, exclusive access to events, or some other juicy morsel to share.
  • Test your post timing.  Get to know your audience and test out the time and day that gets you the best engagement.  For some brands this may be after 5pm, or maybe a Saturday post works better than a Monday post.  Your audience is unique to your brand, so take the time to get to know when they like to interact with you.
  • Monitor your notifications.  Keep the engagement flowing by being responsive to your audience.  Promptly answer questions, reply to comments and acknowledge your readers.  Let them know there are real people behind the page- keep it social!
  • Repackage and re-post popular content.  There is no way that every post will reach every member of your audience all of the time.  To get the most value out of your carefully crafted posts, repackage your content and create a new post.  This might be changing the wording of your offer or question, using a different variation of an image or graphic or just re-posting the same content at a later date.  The timing will vary based on the overall frequency of your posts and audience engagement but if the post content is still topical and valuable, re-posting can occur anywhere from 1 day to 1 months time.

To help you remember these tips, down our free Facebook Post Checklist.  Hang it up in your office as a easy reminder to help you Plan Perfect Posts.


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