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Retail Stock Display Photo Tip


Your new stock has arrived and what a fabulous display you have crafted.  Now to take a photo and share it with everyone and hope the shelves are cleared by tomorrow.  Photographing everything to try and appeal to ....well, everyone, always ends up in a photo with nothing for the eye to be drawn to.  See our example above, the image on the left (if you noticed it!) is made up of the most beautiful Christmas decorations I have seen; photographing them like this does not do them justice.  For this exercise, Santa was photographed in the magic glow of his candle. Looking at the image on the right, I'm wondering why I didn't take him home!  Did you see Santa in the image on the left?

Take photos of individual items in your display and share them throughout a day or week. Give your audience a chance to admire individual pieces or sets of items.

We invite retailers to send a product shot to our Facebook page with the hashtag #smphelp and one of our photographers will respond with a free tip to help you improve your in-store snaps.

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Thanks to Anthea's at Brookside Shopping Centre for allowing us to sample shots in their store.



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