Social Media Photographers: Blog en-us (C) Social Media Photographers (Social Media Photographers) Wed, 04 May 2022 01:20:00 GMT Wed, 04 May 2022 01:20:00 GMT Social Media Photographers: Blog 120 120 Five Phone Photo Tips A Quick Guide for Charity Volunteers Following a social cause, charity and community campaigns always pique my interest amongst the bold and the beautiful of social media.

Usually the photos from these organisations are a quick, opportunistic grab of the phone and sometimes ends up being a shot that is busy, dark and blurry (I know, I've taken these too!) if you stop and look, it's a valuable picture with a very important's just too hard for our scrolling brains to recognise in the split second we see it.

If only the photo was louder and clearer so our scroll brain stopped to take more notice. 

Here I've put together a video any charity or community organisation can share with their volunteer teams so they can practice the skills to grab an even more awesome opportunistic photo when it arises.  I would love to see them too!  Please tag @socialmediaphotographers on Facebook or Instagram if you have shared this with your volunteers.  For more information or tips, send us an email using the form at the bottom of this article.


Five Top Tips_If your photos look like this by amber.pace

Does your organisation need a training video like this too? 

Have your staff taking awesome phone photos on the job with a quick guide, suited specifically to your business. Apply here for more information


This video was made easy with Canva and the good news is we have been accepted to join the Canva affiliate program, so you can make awesome videos too, tap on the Canva logo to sign up for a 30 day free trial

Canva Free 30 day trial

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Five Profile and Branding Photos Service Business Owners Need  

Profile and Branding Photos

Sometimes one professional profile photo isn't enough, from your website pages and proposals to communicating your customer experience or process, searching for the 'right' image is a time's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll

And when your product is your expertise, how do you take a photo of it?

How many hours have you spent looking for the right image?

As we continue into a more virtual world of business, having access to images of you and your business at your fingertips makes all of your business marketing and communications quicker to create, with supporting visuals that are true to your business and brand. 

When the next PR opportunity drops into your inbox and they say, 'send a profile photo' you can respond immediately and confidently with a profile photo YOU have chosen. 

Here is my roundup of the five types of images to have in your image library that won't have you drawing a blank next time you see this...

insert image

insert image


Professional Profile PhotosPhotographed on a plain white background

1. Professional Profile Photo

A professional profile photo is photographed on a plain white background so there are no distractions from you as an individual.   

The plain background makes it flexible to sit well on documents, email footers, websites and social media.

A quality professional photo can easily have the background removed so you can add any background you choose.




Casual Profile PhotoLifestyle Photos by Social Media Photographers

2. Casual Profile Photo

Also known as a lifestyle photo, this is where we'll find you on the weekend or doing what you do when you're not at work. this is a way to share your hobbies and interests and find common interests with your audience.

I love that dogs are usually involved with these ones!





Client interaction photoProfessional and branding photos by Social Media Photographers

3. Client Interaction Photo

This is your ACTION shot!

Creative flair is needed for this one as so many of us connect with clients virtually and professional services are generally dealing with client confidentiality. 

A good photographer is never short of ideas and can step-in to pose as your client.


Resource photos

4. Resource template photo

Sometimes you need visual interest for an information heavy resource.

These images can be placed or customised to a broad variety of topics in your business. Whether its your favourite work space, office plant, note book and pen, your phone, stack of white papers, books or coffee mug.

Coffee photos are popular for a reason, it's relatable. "You drink coffee?" "Me too!" and symbolic in so many ways.  Coffee to start the day, get through the day, take time out from the day, is it good/is it bad and I'm sure there are more.



wide action template photo

5. Wide Action template photo

Like the client interaction shot but this is taken from a wide angle to create a general photo with negative space you can use to place text over or use as a transparent or blurred background.

This can be a behind the scenes, consulting or planning scenario.





Have you Googled your name recently to see which images show in the search? 

Having these types of images for your business are also a great way to manage your online profile.  Using images that are current and chosen by you can improve what potential clients are likely to see in their Google research results.

Want to know more about profile and branding photos for your business? 

If you are a business owner wanting to save time developing your marketing resources, a web developer with the task of building a website and your client just can't put their finger on why it's not on-brand or a marketing agency needing to fill a gap for their clients, this service is for you.

Profile and branding photos are a specialty of mine and the schedule above has provided my clients enough photos for when they launch, revise or blog the next big thing in their business.  As you and your business grows and develops so do the images that tell that story. 

We advocate using a few quality images to reinforce your brand messaging versus quantity. 

A well planned process with minimal downtime for you, we created the Profile and Branding Photo Session a signature service and within a budget to freshen up your image library at least twice per year.  Often budgets for personal branding blow out and end up being once in a blue moon effort, if you review your images of your business from two years ago... I bet a lot has changed.

It's planned with you in mind to tick off your to-do list and wonder why you didn't do it sooner.  

"You and your brand deserve great looking profile photos that you can use for all your social media and business needs."

How does it work?

  • a simple questionaire is completed by you so we can provide you a scheduled plan
  • photo session takes less than 2 hours
  • produces enough photos to establish your image library and
  • affordable to be repeated twice per year so you always have fresh, seasonal content for all your business needs

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Last Minute Photo Gift Ideas Last minute photo gift ideasLast minute, print yourself gift ideas. Personalized, novelty and cannot be regifted.

When you have great profile photos to work with, last minute photo gifts are easy!

If it's for Susan in accounts, Tom at reception or the new team member you pulled from the secret Santa draw, a personalised photo gift can be novel or practical and is always thoughtful.   Being two days out from Christmas eve, here are three quick ways to produce a magic, thoughtful gift. 

Tools you will need:

  • Canva (the free version will get you by)
  • The office printer, Officeworks or Kmart (but only for last minute prints!)


Create a magazine cover

make a magazine covercreate the magazine cover your recipient would make the front cover of

Imagine being on the front cover of a magazine with a great photo and a headline, all about YOU! 

If you don't know your secret Santa well, ask a few colleagues a few revealing questions about your gift recipient, example:

  • What are they awesome at? 
  • Why were they chosen for the job they are in?
  • What do they think you could learn from that person?
  • Be literal!  If they were to grace the cover of a magazine, what would the headline be?

Create your cover using Canva by searching 'magazine cover' and use one of their easy to use templates

Print your artwork using 100gsm+ paper, gloss with a great colour printer.  You could also laminate it or pop it into an A4 document frame


Create a personalised calendar

create a personalised calendarmake your own calendar using Canva


A personalised calendar is practical and can also be designed to be professional or a novelty!  With you as the creator, you can make it to suit your gift recipient.

Make a calendar poster or a monthly (a page to each month) calendar where you can choose who will be the face of the month. 

The monthly page option, last minute, may require a few staples.  Pro Canva users, you could create an A3 format to fold and staple in the middle to make it look professional.

Canva has many options and the benefit of signing up as a PRO member allows you to easily resize any document you create.

Printing Tip!  Be mindful of the print size, the template sample pictured above is a 'calendar poster' at 42cm x 59.4cm.  The easiest way to find out what size your document is, go to 'resize' and it will show you the current dimensions.  Officeworks have a great copy/printing service.


Create a special video presentation

Elf Yourself

Elf Yourself puts your selection of faces onto the bodies of dancing elves with some serious moves!  It's great for a giggle and allows you up to 5 elf faces. 

The better quality the profile photos you have, the better the result.

Do you want to see ours?  Click Here!

Personalised gifts are the best kind, to recognise someone and tell them how and why they are important is a priceless gift and if they get a laugh from it that's even better.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday.

Never used Canva before?  Give me a shout out if you need help creating, I've used the program for a few years and a proud member of  their affiliate program.


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Our gift to you this Christmas The Pace family from Social Media Photographers wish you a happy Christmas.  Our gift to you is this light entertainment video, at our expense, from Elf Yourself

We vote Elf Yourself as one of the most fun things you can do with a great profile photo.  For other last minute photo gift ideas, check out our latest post here


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How Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile Photo? professional profile photosHow Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile PictureLinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 740 million users. Having a high quality, up-to-date profile photo is one way to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 740 million users.  Having a high quality, up-to-date profile photo is one way to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd.

Why are professional LinkedIn photos so important?

You create and maintain your LinkedIn profile because you want to be seen and make meaningful connections.   First, you can’t be seen without a photo.  Profiles with photos are up to 21 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without photos.  And a high-quality photo is the easiest first step to making meaningful connections.  It’s not just about how you look - appropriate photos give your profile credibility, professionalism, recognition and personal branding.  James Caan, author of Get The Job You Really Want, said in a recent LinkedIn post : “A complete LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about the person’s level of professionalism.”  You can’t have a complete profile without a high-quality photo.

What should my photo look like?

There are hundreds of articles and posts that try to set out tips for the perfect LinkedIn profile photo. Our suggestions are more direct.

  1. Ensure your profile photo complies with LinkedIn’s guidelines, Linkedin also recommend your profile photo takes up at least 60% of the frame.
  2. You should feel comfortable and positive about your photo.  Your profile photo should be appropriate to your profession but it should also be a true representation of you and your personal brand.  There is no value having a highly made-up or edited photo if it looks nothing like you in person. 
  3. Your photo should be up to date.  Don’t use outdated photos or corporate shots from previous employers.  If your actual appearance has changed- update your profile photos.
  4. Use professional quality photos that are well lit and properly sized.

How often should I change my LinkedIn profile photo?

  • When you change roles, get a promotion or change employers.
  • When your appearance changes – have you had a new haircut, recently lost weight or updated your wardrobe? Ensure your profile photo reflects these changes.
  • Seasonally or when your company has major announcements or you have major news to share.  Have you released a new product, book or launched a new service?  Consider updating your profile photo to coincide with the increase in activity that your profile will see.

If nothing else changes, update your profile photo at least twice a year.  Let people know that you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and that you value the currency of information you share.  With professional photo sessions available from $55 p/p for groups of 16 or more and from $199 for individuals, it’s a small investment to make in your overall professional image.

Are you ready for a new professional profile photo?  Click on the image below or visit our website.



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4 Departments and 18 Ways to Use Your Professional Profile Photo Profile Photo ReviewUse your professional profile photo in more ways than one. You finally have your teams professional profile photos for the company website!  Your 'meet the team' pages showcase the talent in your organisation and the team are confident with their new profile photos, they have updated their Linkedin profiles too. 

Professional profile photos are an investment and to make sure you get bang for your buck, we’ve created a list of eighteen ways you can use the same profile photos across your business stationery, marketing and social media, all in a handy, profile photo review checklist.

The HR department, sales, IT and management teams will thank you for it too.

"I feel so special!" is often what employees say when they're in front of the camera. 

It makes them and the organisation look and feel GREAT.

Is your organisation still relying on phone photos or using the web masters fancy camera for staff photos?

Even the employee of the month award announcement can make the winner want to sink into their office chair from having that quick phone photo splashed across the company e-news.  Or worse, a local bank of mine has a flat, caught by surprise, poorly lit and etched photo of their bank manager, printed onto a banner!

Just like deciding on investing in a quality outfit by using the ‘cost per wear’ method the ‘cost per use’ method applies for professional profile photos for your organisation. 

The profile photo review checklist identifies how easy access to staff profile photos saves time across your oganisation departments, while staying on brand and your staff feel valued with a great looking profile photo too. 

Sharing the expense across departments of your organisation could be your teams ticket to a great profile photo.

Download the Profile Photo Review Checklist here to find 18 ways to use them across your organisational departments.

Profile Photo Review Checklist

Is it time for your organisation to reward their staff with professional profile photos? 

Visit our website to get a quote and learn more about our pop up studio for South East Queensland or email us at





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Let's Start Again 2020 with Professional Profile Photos for the Workplace Professional Profile Photos for the WorkplaceRe-engage your workplace with a non contact event and professional profile photos they can use for all your business needs

Let’s start again 2020!

Is your team returning to the workplace like a caterpillar to a butterfly or would they prefer to be cocooned in their makeshift home office with winter blankets over their knees and laptops whirring for extra warmth?

Cocooned or not, workplaces are finding their feet again and it reminds me of a saying I share with my six year old when we lose our cool, and we need to say it to 2020 right now, “let’s hug and start again”.

Yes 2020, let’s try starting again…Happy New Year

Instead of a summer tan and relaxed disposition from a well-earned end-of-year break, people are returning to the workplace with a different outlook with COVID-19 still lingering.  They will have new skills though from working remotely and know the following:

  • Video conferencing requires you to stack your laptop on something higher than chest height to get your best angle and not up your nose;
  • Profile photos pop up often with video conferencing; Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
  • Looking at yourself for extended periods of time on a video conference call is awkward and can cause fatigue (yes, there was a study!)
  • Getting together with the team in real life is still ‘different’
  • People missed their people

I have been reading it’s common for most of us to feel anxious about returning to the workplace. How do you re-engage your team and vibe at your workplace with so many changes?  And without the summer glow…

Remind your team you missed their faces and they deserve a great looking profile photo they can use for all their video conference profiles, email, social media and business needs. Our mobile Pop Up Studio comes to you and is a non-contact event where all social distancing requirements are easy to apply for the photographer with our fancy lenses and a self checklist for your employees to have their shirt collars and eyebrows in all the right places.

Pop Up Studio in Action

The studio has been set up in lunchrooms, boardrooms, and tiny breakout rooms since 2014.  Teams’ bonding over the shared experience is always the best part for me. 

Who was the quickest?  Did you have to do the ‘lean’?  
It’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face, give them confidence in their workplace profile photo and re-energise the workplace.


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Flat Lay Style; how to choose a background How to choose a flat lay background

When was the last time you went to a stage play and remembered the set design of the backdrop? Probably never! But every great story has a background to set the scene.

Like a mesmerising flat lay has you double tapping and following for more, flat lays are about visual storytelling and when the background has been chosen well, it sets the scene to complement, not compete with your visual story board, just like a stage play.

I have flat layed my way around a workshop following a call in 2014 from Apple who invited us to their Start Something New campaign to deliver a flat lay workshop in their Brisbane store.  Since then, we’ve shared our workshops with southeast Queensland & NSW’s best small businesses and Brisbane’s biggest group of retail centre marketing managers.  A monthly content shoot for a few major shopping centres always has me shooting a flat lay, hang lay, shelfie or stack lay; each one needs a great background.

Before I share what I have learnt along the way for a thumb-stopping flat lay, I often refer to flat lays or any photo taking as a “story” because that's why we take them right?

So, a white background is an obvious choice to keep your story simple. It's the best way to learn about styling a flat lay and a popular medium on Instagram, but don't let that get in the way of a good story!

As everyone’s style starts mirroring what’s popular, we're not living by the famous Oscar Wilde quote:

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken".

Now is the time to stand out from the crowd by mixing it up and being brave with new background ideas for your flat lays. 

Social Media Photographers fashion flat laywhite flat lay backgroundfoam board. Photo by Social Media Photographers


Use white cardboard from the newsagent, foam board, canvas, roll-up block-out blinds, bedding or faux fur rugs


We recommend learning the art of laying out your flat lays on a white background. It's neutral and won't compete with your story

Looks clean and fresh

Try a bed sheet/doona cover for a textured, relaxed feel

Always easy to find a white surface


Can look clinical, sterile and doesn't work if your story needs warmth or a specific emotion

Bed sheet creases, folds and wrinkles can create distraction

Image can be lost in the volume of social media visuals if we're looking for new inspriration; something different

marble flat lay backgroundself adhesive contact Photo by Social Media Photographers Marble

Use real marble bench tops or adhesive contact prints - see 'make your own' below

Flat Laid have an anti-reflective matte finish range of boards in black, white & grey marble


Neutral with a subtle texture introduction

Luxe look

Feels clean, fresh & softens the sterile feel


Can still feel 'cold'  Add soft textures in your props

wood grain flat lay background Raw Timber board by Flat Laid Photo by Social Media Photographers

Wood grain

Pallet Shenanigans made me a white-washed board one side and natural on the back.  The real deal will last a lifetime, although it's heavy to lug around.

I've tried adhesive contact prints, wrapping paper and scrapbooking paper

Flat Laid range of realistic wood grains have given me the best results, particularly because I often use them for food styling and I can wipe them clean


Texture brings a sense of nature and feels rustic, homely and organic

Sense of the great outdoors (where we would rather be!)

Neutral products contrast well to a textured background


Colour choices come into play, a darker wood grain can lose darker coloured hero's and props in your story

Be aware of your wood grain lines and if you prefer them in a linear or angled position.  Slightly off centre can be distracting

Sea grass weave flat lay backgroundBoard by Flat Laid Photo by Social Media Photographers


Use real grass if you have lush, green lawn (sorry Brisbane, dry brown grass isn't a good look)

Faux grass mats mostly look....faux however I found Bunnings have the most realistic square mats of grass for about $19

Flat Laid has a sea grass weave that is my new favourite


Scenes of products and props that belong in the backyard or at a picnic, grass is the perfect choice

A great natural textured look


Green is a strong colour choice for a background, check to see if it enhances or detracts from your story

concrete flat lay backgroundconcrete board by Flat Laid Photo by Social Media Photographers


Use real tile, slate, concrete, laminate floor tiles, adhesive contact, scrapbooking paper

Flat Laid have a classic range of tile boards


Adds to story feels when you need a sense of 'cold' or 'winter'

In this sample image I chose the concrete background because my image was based on the story of a surburban Dad who works in the city pounding the pavement with a sense of eco-concsiousness

Hard surfaces can be softened with textiles or greenery


Real tile can be reflective & heavy to lug around

Tile prints can make your scene look 'busy'  Try balancing the print with plain textiles

textile flat lay backgroundRugs and throws Photo by Social Media Photographers


Use throws, bedding, rugs, blankets, towels & fabric


Sets the scene for home, warmth & comfort

Can tell the story of a season (turkish beach towel versus a chunky knit blanket)

Softens the feel of a scene


Prints and heavy textures can add distraction

Make them seasonally appropriate Eg: a bikini on a white fluffy rug can tell a different story

self adhesive contact flat lay backgroundPhoto by Social Media Photographers

Make your own

Adhesive contacts can be found at Bunnings, Kmart & Big W

Painted craftwood

Print your own


Stick adhesive contacts to foam board to avoid crumpling & roll marks

Mix up your favourite paint colour and use matte enamel paint for longer wearing and less marking


Adhesive contact prints aren't quite 'right', not realistic and can be reflective.  Flimsy foam board corners damage easily and they peel and bubble

Painting - well it seems a good idea at the time until you have to actually paint and clean up  Gloss paints are too reflective

Printing your own backdrop challenge is all about scale.  Oversized floor boards make your product and props look miniature...and weird.  Paper can look flat, won't last and looks ratty very quick. 

What does makes a great background board?

Sturdy - so you can move your layout without having to pack it all up and keep the bends at bay

Hardwearing - for anyone who moves around and transports their kit and general storage

Can be wiped clean – often food is involved and you’ll get great shots knowing you can drip ice-cream all over your board and still get a great life out of it by wiping it clean

Matte finish – any gloss finishes will shine that downlight from your ceiling like a torch off a mirror.  Matte absorbs light to give a smooth, non-reflective finish

Scale - I follow a local fashion store who has printed their own wood panel backdrop, the board width is too large and out of scale which makes their clothing look miniature….and weird.  Make sure your backdrop print is true to scale

Realistic - photography styling & faux backgrounds aren’t ‘new’ nor introduced by Instagram. Magazines have been styling inspirational images since the day print hit paper.  So using a ‘faux’ background isn’t cheating anyone.  The more realistic the print is, it will grab your viewer’s emotion without distraction.  Our brains are pretty clued on to what is real and what isn’t; a poorly printed scene will draw the eye away from the hero of the shot.

Social Media Photographers wants people look their best on social media and take meaningful and beautiful photographs. There was always a need for quality backdrops to style products and create thumb-stopping flat lays. We were lucky to meet a Brisbane-based printer whose family has been in the business for over 30 years and I knew they could make my flat lay board dreams come true and they didn't disappoint by creating Flat Laid.

The boards are realistic, anti-reflective matte finish, food safe, eco-based inks, designed, made and printed right here in Brisbane and they're affordable! Much better value and quality than some tried and tested from overseas.

Follow me on Facebook & Instagram @socialmediaphotographers as I trial a few of the new Flat Laid photo boards and give me a shout out to show me your flat lays.

Want to learn more about Flat Lay Styling or social media photography? Check out our website

Or click here to learn more about Flat Laid




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Social Media News Sandra Robertson, owner of Call Me Old Fashioned Vintage, is preparing for her charity high tea event next month as part of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

As well as running her vintage business in Sandgate, Sandra is a busy mum of four and doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands. To give her the tools she needs to promote her event, Sandra contacted Social Media Photographers and If The Shoe Fits Media

Amber provides brilliant, eye-catching and unique images and Brooke provides crisp, clean and clever copy. The content is then Sandra’s to share on all her social media, her website or her newsletter.

Do you have news for social media or planning an event?  We have developed a quick and easy news team to share your business news and events.  See our Social Media News product below.


Making News on Social MediaSocial Media is simple when you have the right content.

Smartphone video production by Social Media Photographers

Social Media News  

Want to be seen on social media? Give your news and events the attention they deserve with clever copy & thumb stopping images.

Amber provides brilliant, eye-catching and unique images and Brooke provides crisp, clean and clever copy. The content is then yours to share on social media, create events, website news and newsletters. 

Posting to social media is simple when you have the right content. 

Great, how does it work and what do I get?

Brooke gets the scoop and provides an article of up to 300 words.  The news production team plan the hero image and a professional photo shoot with Amber to support the article with up to 3 images.

We'll give you some tips on using your news content, over and over again.

Cost:  $298+gst

Start Here!




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Are you feeling “Contentstipated” when it comes to your content marketing? ContentstipatedContentstipatedThat feeling you get when you are stuck for content- writers block

Why do so many of us get backed up when it comes to content creation?

The last 12 months I have been incredibly busy creating content.  Heaps of it.  But when I look back at the number of posts and programs that I have created for myself as opposed to content for clients my library is looking a bit thin.  Sure, I could blame it on being too busy with client work à la the cobbler’s children have no shoes. 

The truth is I have allowed myself to become “contentstipated”.  It’s that awkward feeling you get when you are full of great content but you just can’t seem to get it out?  It’s the worst!  And I reckon after speaking to hundreds of entrepreneurs, business professionals and thought leaders it’s a battle that I am not alone in fighting.  Why do so many of us get backed up when it comes to content creation?

Consistency vs Creativity

I read an article many years ago recounting a story about Steve Jobs.  After initially resisting third-party apps for the iPhone, Jobs realised his mistake and the App Store was born.  But being the creative maverick that he was, Jobs reportedly lamented about the poor quality and lack of innovation of many of the apps by saying something to the effect of “The world doesn’t need more potatoes.”  

This quote, true or not, has always stuck in my head.  I often ask myself…am I just serving up another content potato?  The content may be filling….but it is just a bland, boring variation of the same old thing?  Now, the world will always need potatoes (just ask the Irish) but your social audience craves new information.  This is where the tension between Consistency vs Creativity exists.  We want to produce lots of regular content but we also want it to be new, fresh and thought-provoking.

Feeding the Content Machine

Content marketing, and specifically social media feeds, are a hungry machine.  To be competitive and build a strong audience you need to regularly feed the machine.  Whether it’s sending more people to your website, increasing your Facebook engagement or growing your Instagram followers we are all competing for eyeballs and dollars.  We want more people to see and read our content to increase our authority and ultimately our ability to sell products or services. 

How do we increase our online authority?  The simplest explanation is to regularly create and share high quality, engaging content that your audience finds useful.  Sounds easy but this is often the exact place many of us get “contentstipated”.  The hard bits for many of us are “regularly create and share” (Consistency) and “high, quality, engaging content” (Creativity).

How to be Consistently Creative

  • Quality is a non-negotiable.  Whatever you do, do it well.  Your audience deserves it. 


  • Invest in your skills and knowledge.  If you think your content isn’t good enough- get some specialist help.  Read, watch videos/webinars, attend a workshop, hire a content editor or writer.


  • Do it until.  I’m not a Dr Phil fan but he has one saying that really resonates when I’m feeling a content block.  “The universe rewards action. Successful people take action towards a known outcome. You can't think about it. You have to do it—and you don't do it for a week or a month. You do it until. Until you get what you want.”  If you want to create quality content that is creative- do it until.  If you don’t think you are a writer…do it until you gain the confidence and skills you need to be an effective communicator.


  • Rinse and Repeat.  Never use a piece of quality content just once.  Find ways that you can creatively repackage and reuse your content.  Write a blog post, split it into multiple social media posts, then create a video/webinar, etc.  Can you image if Simon Sinek only posted once about finding your WHY?



  • Be inspired.  Seek out people or brands that you are inspired by.  Study what they are doing and find ways that you can incorporate that inspiration into your own work.  Don’t try to copy or imitate what they are doing.  Find your own voice. (But seriously, Impressionism didn’t become an art movement just because one guy painted a fuzzy, flower-y landscape.  It’s okay to be part of a movement as long as you find your own spin.)


  • Don’t let perfectionism kill your creativity.  You might harshly judge your ideas/ content as not creative or unique or amazing enough to develop and share.  Just be careful that it’s not really the little voice of perfectionism holding you back.  Create something, send it out to the universe, listen to feedback and then get back to work.


  • Set goals with tight deadlines.  Commit to writing something, anything on a regular basis.   Be accountable to someone else.  Trust them to be the measure of quality and help you get your content out.  Once you set the habit it’s much easier to stay in the flow.

Now, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to unload all of your great content!

Still feeling stuck?  Why don't you join us for one of our content creation workshops?  Or if you prefer one on one coaching, contact us to schedule a Skype session.


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Using Photos to Drive Your October Safe Work Campaigns National Safe Work Month CampaignSafety in Focus

At Social Media Photographers we like to challenge ourselves to find new and creative ways for businesses to harness the power of photography.  And since October is National Safe Work Month we decided to focus our attention on Workplace Health and Safety.  Health and Safety is a serious subject but there are ways to create a fun and engaging campaign in your workplace- without spending a lot of money.

Real People = Real Results

Our first priority in developing a campaign to support National Safe Work Month was to help businesses reduce their use of stock images.  Why?  Because if you want to celebrate Safety in YOUR workplace and encourage safe behaviours in YOUR employees then your campaigns should feature YOUR people. 

We developed the “Safety in Focus” campaign so that businesses can involve their own employees in an easy campaign that supports safety awareness in the workplace.  The Safety in Focus campaign is simple- employees are invited to submit a “Safety Snap” which is a photo of them demonstrating safe behaviours or showing their support for safety at work.  This could be them using personal protective equipment, getting together for a toolbox talk, or celebrating safety.

National Safe Work Month CampaignSafety in Focus

Raise Awareness

Encouraging employees to focus on safety and capture safe behaviours in a “safety snap” raises awareness of Health and Safety overall.  The photo creates a lasting impression of safety and safe behaviours.  Employees benefit from a focus on safe behaviours and the business can then use the images submitted to build an image library for ongoing Health and Safety training.

Support Safe Behaviours

The images submitted for the Safety in Focus campaign can be used to create fun prizes and further reinforce safe behaviours.  Examples of use can include:

  • Posters
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Mouse pads
  • Calendars
  • Awards/Certificates
  • Blog posts, newsletters, website images
  • Social Media campaigns


Show your support this October for National Safe Work month by running a Safety in Focus campaign at your workplace.  Download your free Safety In Focus resource kit.

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Are Profile Photos the Most Valuable Conference Gift Ever? Conference Attendees say YES! Pop Up Studio Professional Profile Photos Social Media PhotographersPop Up Studio Social Media PhotographersSocial Media Photographers Pop Up Studio Professional Profile Photos at Conferences and Events

“This is the most valuable conference gift I have ever received.”

These are the words that every conference organiser longs to hear.  To know that you provided your conference attendee with a gift that they VALUED. 

Consider this, in my professional career I have attended hundreds of conferences, expos, networking events, seminars and workshops.  And I have a mountain of corporate gifts and promotional items to prove it.  My office is full of branded USB memory sticks, battery chargers, compendiums, stress balls, key chains and coasters, water bottles, mugs and executive games.  So much stuff, so little value.

Don’t get me wrong- I have used most, if not all, of these items.  But I can’t honestly say that the items themselves have built any real value in my relationship with the business or branding that adorns the item.  When our homes and offices are bursting at the seams with stuff, how do event organisers create value for attendees that lasts beyond the “goody bag”. 

More Value, Less Stuff

Over the last 12 months, Social Media Photographers has worked with conference organisers and businesses across Australia to include our Pop Up Studio at their conference or event.  During the conference, attendees visit the Pop Up Studio to have their Professional Profile Photos taken with our studio lighting and photographer.  The event organisers can then distribute the photos via email directly to attendees as a conference gift.

The high quality photos can then be used by attendees to update their Linkedin Profiles, website images, email signatures and anywhere else they need a professional profile image.  Every time the attendee looks at their Linkedin profile and sees that photo they will remember the event and how the organisers cared enough to ensure they provided a take-away that gave lasting value.

Professional Profile Photos- The Conference Gift That Keeps Giving

At our most recent conference we heard those magic words “This is the most valuable conference gift I have ever received” (cue the High Fives all around!!!).  And why do conference attendees love the Pop Up Studio so much?  Here is just some of the feedback we received directly from conference attendees:

  • “I hate my current Linkedin Photo but I never thought I could have one done professionally.  This is awesome.”
  • “My photo is from about 5 years ago and I often get people commenting that they didn’t even recognise me.  It always makes me wonder if I look better or worse now!  It will be so good to have a fresh, updated photo.”
  • “I have always hated having my photo taken but you ladies made me feel so comfortable.  I am actually smiling in a photo for the first time ever!”
  • “Taking photos at the conference is such a great idea.  I’m here with two of my co-workers and we are getting the whole team to update their photos.  I love it.”
  • “I have never had my photo taken professionally.  I feel so special!”

Professional Profile Photos Linkedin Corporate Headshots Pop Up StudioProfessional Profile Photos Linkedin Corporate Headshots Social Media PhotographersDo you need to update your professional profile photos for Linkedin, Website and Marketing Brochures? Social Media Photographers offers fast, affordable, high-quality photography for your Professional Profile pictures.

The Pop Up Studio can easily be incorporated into your next conference or event.  If you are looking for a unique, creative and highly valuable addition to your next program, contact Social Media Photographers to schedule your Pop Up Studio.

Our Pop Up Studio is also available for individual workplaces.  Visit our FAQ page to find out more.



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Social Media Photographers Joins Brisbane Festival 2016 Lineup Social Media Photographers Brisbane FestivalSocial Media Photographers Brisbane Festival

Social Media Photographers has joined the line up for Brisbane Festival with a series of Phonegraphy Workshops as part of the Little Creatures Treehouse.

Brisbane Festival is set to paint the city pink as Brisbane’s top performing arts precincts become a destination for Festival goers during September. Queensland Performing Arts Centre, La Boite Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, The Courier-Mail Piazza and the much loved Festival hub, Arcadia will come to life for three weeks during the Festival.

The five venues will play host to 70 productions and 540 performances set to transform the city with an exciting program full of music, dance, theatre, comedy, and opera showcasing unique and world class works you wouldn’t ordinarily get the opportunity to see.

The theme for this year’s festival is "Youtopia" where the city is invited to make every work their own.  Festival organisers are celebrating that we live in an age where public participation is everywhere – the consumer has become the creator, and taking part in an experience is expected. Whether it’s having our say on social media, messaging a song request to play on the radio or commenting on a news article, we all want to be content-makers.

Brisbane Festival’s Artistic Director, David Berthold’s passion for self-creation and personal experience is clear in this selection of works.
Festivals are great ways to dissolve all kinds of barriers. More and more in all parts of our lives, people create their own ‘content’. So it’s fun and timely for us to have a whole bunch of shows that involve the general public in ways that are not just sitting in the audience,” said Berthold.

The Phoneography Workshops run by Amber Pace and Jan Easton of Social Media Photographers are a perfect fit for this year’s theme.  The free workshops will be part of the Little Creatures Treehouse installation and will help festival goers capture and share the best festival moments.

Amber Pace, lead photographer for Social Media Photographers, is excited by the Festival's celebration of diverse and unique experiences.  "By providing a Phoneography experience as part of the Brisbane Festival, the organisers are truly supporting the creativity and power of individuals to not only create their content but to share the festival with a wider audience on social media through the eyes of festival goers."

Phonegraphy Workshop session times will be help throughout the Festival.  Follow Social Media Photographers on Instagram or Facebook for dates and times.

About Brisbane Festival

Brisbane Festival is one of Australia’s major international arts festivals.  Each September, it explodes across the city with a thrilling program of theatre, music, dance, circus, opera and major public events such as Sunsuper Riverfire.  Brisbane Festival 2016 runs from September 3-24. Tickets are on sale from June 30 and are available at

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SMP Pops Up at the Franchise Multi-Unit Summit 2016 Social Media Photographers Franchise Relationships InstituteSocial Media Photographers Franchise Relationships InstituteSocial Media Photographers join Franchise Relationships Institute for the 2016 National Franchise Mult Unit Summit. Social Media Photographers will be popping up at the Franchise Relationships Institute's National Multi-Unit Summit in Sydney on April 7th.  We will have out Pop Up Studio onsite providing free Professional Profile Photos to attendees.  Amber and Jan will also be hosting a round table discussion on "Ensuring your Business Looks Good on Social Media" which will feature high value, actionable items that will help franchisees and brands to ensure that their products and services stand out on Social Media.

The SOLD OUT event will feature speakers and representatives from some of Australia's leading franchise brands.  Working closely with Greg Nathan and Rebecca Williams from Franchise Relationships Institute, we identified 3 key ways that Social Media Photographers could bring additional value to the Summit experience for presenters and attendees.

  1. Pop Up Studio- A professional profile photo is an essential for savvy business professionals and speakers.  But often it is an area that is overlooked.  Giving attendees and speakers the opportunity to update their profile photo as part of the Summit attendance provides a lasting, high value experience and professional conference "take-away".
  2. Expert Learning Experience- Leading a round table discussion, Amber and Jan from Social Media Photographers will facilitate discussion on the effective use of images in Social Media and share expert knowledge and tips.  Providing new and dynamic learning for attendees ensures that they are receiving the latest skills and knowledge to effectively build their franchise brands.
  3. Event Photos-  Professional event photos are a key part of the overall experience for the organiser and attendees.  Professional photos help to ensure that the experience lasts long after the event has finished.  Photos are also a key part of future marketing and event promotion.  We discuss more of the benefits here: 5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Event Photography.

Follow Social Media Photographers on Facebook and Instagram where we will be sharing more about the 2016 Multi-Unit Summit experience.

Franchise Relationships Institute is the global leader in understanding the factors that impact on franchisee suitability, satisfaction and success.  With over 27 years in the Franchise industry, their research has enabled them to develop specialised professional development programs, publications, tools and processes for the franchising sector.

To learn more about the National Multi-Unit Summit or Franchise Relationships Institute, visit their website here.

Want to have Social Media Photographers Pop Up at your next Conference or Event?  Contact us to discuss our Pop Up Studio, Conference Presentations and Speaking, and Event Photography.

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How To Turn Your Business Cards From Boring to Beautiful Social Media Photographers Business CardsSocial Media Photographers Business Cards Pick a card, any card!  Think that sounds like the start of a great magic trick?  You would be right but this one doesn’t involve sleight of hand or rabbits in hats.  But it does involve a set of beautifully crafted, magical cards that can help you build your brand and grow your Instagram audience.

 But first, I have a confession to make.  As much as I love social media and online marketing (I even built my business around it) its a shame when small business owners and employees narrowly focus on online marketing at the expense of real world, face to face, nice to meet you, thank you coming into my store, café, office relationship building.  Social media is amazing, but true human connections can transform your business.

Traditionally the humble business card was the go-to connection tool.  But we’ve moved a bit beyond that, haven’t we?  Yes and No.  Yes, the traditional way business cards were used holds little relevance in the face of Smartphones, Linkedin and almighty Google.  The days of having old-school cards that you spread around at networking events hoping you would be as contagious as the common cold are long gone.  But there are beautiful, inventive and creative alternatives that are still perfectly low-tech and all about the human connection.

Social Media Photographers Moo Business CardsSocial Media Photographers Moo Business Cards I absolutely love the business card range from Moo (my picks are the square and mini cards).  Yes, the shape makes them a bit different but the fun part comes with the “printfinity” option.  This allows you to have a different image (or a repeating set of images) on each card.    It’s like turning your business cards into an amazing collector set.  At Social Media Photographers we use the cards as conversation starters or connection enhancers by having a range of our exclusive photographs on each card and only our Instagram address as a contact point.

Handing out “business cards” suddenly becomes fun and interactive for the recipient as they flip through and choose an image that speaks to them.  And for us, we love the discussions that come from the simple exchange of the cards.  We have also seen a direct impact on the online connections with our Instagram followers steadily increasing since we introduced these cards into our networking.  But what’s most important about our increased follower count is that it is made up of real people that we have a real, authentic connection with that support our brand.  And we will take that over chasing anonymous "likers" and followers any day.

Social Media Photographers Moo Business CardsSocial Media Photographers Moo Business Cards But I’m not just a business owner- I am also a customer.  If I discover a business I like- I want to follow them on social media.  But I am human and prone to distraction and poor memory so if my phone is not readily available or the businesses social media details are not visible, I will often forget to follow them.  And for the business, that is a missed connection and a lost opportunity.  And with the viral nature of social media (my friends like what I like and their friends and their friends, etc) so that really translates to MANY missed connections and lost opportunities.  But, if the business had cards like the square Instagram cards, then I would quickly snap one up, connect on social media, pin the card to my office wall and keep that business top of mind for ages.

Social Media Photographers Moo Business CardsSocial Media Photographers Moo Business Cards Just like we challenge, coach and inspire our clients to improve their social media presence, we also encourage them to enhance the offline, face to face customer experience as well.   Discovering new ways to re-purpose the humble business card is just one way to create a more engaging atmosphere.


4 Tips to Make Your Business Card Work Harder for You

  • Make your business card a keeper – make it different.  How can you add more value than just your contact details?
  • Tangible, traditional marketing is still relevant.  Business cards are an inexpensive investment in print media.  Look for ways that you can use your cards to support or enhance your online and social media offerings.
  • Include high quality images on your cards.  This can include a professional profile photo or images related to your business or service offering.  Humans are hard wired to respond to images!
  • Refresh your cards regularly.  If your business cards haven’t had an update in the last year maybe it’s time finish off the box and give them a makeover.  A full re-brand isn’t required- just take the opportunity to creatively challenge your existing design.


SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!


Do you have a business card design that you love?  Or do you think the traditional business cards have gone the way of the dinosaur?  Share your feedback in the comments below.


* We love the Moo range of products and are happy to share them with you.  This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links we may receive a small commission that in no way affects the price you pay. Full disclosure policy here.

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Build Your Business Using the 5P's of Visual Content 5Ps of Visual Content Social Media Photographers5Ps of Visual Content Social Media Photographers Humans are hardwired to process visual content. Our ancestors communicated with pictures and drawings 30,000 years ago. And it seems that our communication is coming full circle- who wants to read anymore?  Researchers have found that the human brain can process an image in as little as 13 milliseconds- faster than the blink of an eye.  In that time we begin to make judgments, form opinions and make the first decisions about whether to take action or not.  Now consider the images that you have been using in your business- on your website, social media, and marketing materials.  Are your images effectively communicating with your customers?

Smart business people know that the goal of all customer interactions is to create strong relationships - Clients for Life.

For most businesses the cost of new client acquisition is higher than maintaining and building sales volumes with current clients.  And even if those clients are not actively buying from you (maybe your re-purchase cycle is quite long- like cars or large appliances) you still want to ensure that your business and brand is front of mind for when they are asked for recommendations from friends.  90% of consumers have said that they trust recommendations from their friends.

Social Media is one of the most time and cost effective ways to develop client relationships.  By providing high quality, useful content to your audience using a variety of channels you build a virtual moat around your client base, protecting them from competing brands or services.  Sounds great, right? But this is where most small business owners heave a big sigh and almost admit defeat. Maybe you have tried social media and not gotten the return you wanted.  You might be feeling frustrated or stuck for content.  You know images are important and that visual content is the new buzzword.  But what the heck do you actually do to make all this happen?

You tell your story.  Every business has a story to share and there is an audience out there just waiting to connect with you.  It’s your job to share your story so that you can connect with your audience, educate them on what you have to offer and why it will benefit them.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words there is no easier way to tell your story than with great photos.

To help our clients build an image library for their businesses, we developed the 5 P’s of Visual Content.

5P's of Visual Content

  • People
  • Product
  • Places
  • Personality
  • Promotion

Businesses can use the 5P's to plan out their visual content and develop an image library for use on websites, social media, blog posts and marketing communication.

Let's look at some examples of each area.


Who are the people in your business?  Do you have great images of your team, including professional profile photos as well as your team at work?  Think about your clients, your supporters and even people in your local community.  It's not all about selfies- some social media channels actually respond better to images with "body parts" rather than faces.  How can you include the People element in your photos?


What products or services do you offer?  What do they look like?  How do I use them?  What else do they go with and how can the customer incorporate them into their  life?  Visualizing a product can be difficult for service based businesses, so you may instead focus on what your service gives to the customer- is it freedom, time, emotion, etc.


For bricks and mortar businesses this can include your shopfront, workspace or workshop.  Consider also your local community- where you work, live and play.  This can also include iconic images from areas that you service or from events that you attend.  Images of your physical space are very important for any location that directly services customers onsite.


Competition for customers can be fierce.  You need to let them know what makes your business unique.  What sets you apart from the competition and why should the customer choose to work with you.  Your brand personality is unique to your business.  It may be expressed with a signature item, a colour, humour or how you choose to present information in a new and engaging way.  Customers want genuine connections with the businesses they work with so now is the time to let your personality shine.


If you are not telling your audience about your business and what you can offer- then who is?  You cannot assume that your audience knows about every product or service that your offer.  By promoting your businesses in a respectful way you are actually providing a valuable service to your clients.  Share with them special offers, new products, and the features and benefits of what you offer.

And here is a bonus "P" all starts with a PLAN.

To effectively build strong relationships with your clients you need to provide regular, high-quality and useful content.  Having an image library that incorporates the 5P's of Visual Content will give a strong foundation but you need a plan to implement this is a sustainable, actionable way.

You can work through this process on your own using our Free Social Media Image Planner, or you can contact us to schedule a guided Image Strategy and Planning session.

Share your image inspiration with us!  We love to see how businesses are incorporating the 5P's of Visual Content into their communication.  Share an image with us on Facebook or tag @socialmediaphotographers on Instagram.

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Social Media Photographers joins the Apple Start Something New global campaign Apple Start Something New Social Media PhotographersApple Start Something New Social Media PhotographersJan Easton and Amber Pace of Social Media Photographers have joined the Apple Start Something New global campaign with their in store presentation at Apple Store, Brisbane.


When Apple launches a global campaign called "Start Something New" you can't help but get excited.  Apple has always been committed to designing beautiful products.  With this campaign, they want to help budding creatives and experienced artists alike to develop their skills and tap into the power of Apple products to bring their visions to life.  And what better way to do that than to invite creatives and creativity seekers to join the campaign?

Social Media Photographers will be collaborating with Apple as part of the "Start Something New" campaign.  We will be leading an interactive workshop at the Apple Store, Brisbane to introduce the art of flatlay photography.  We will cover the fundamentals of flatlay composition, styling and lighting.  We also share the secrets and strategies used by successful bloggers, brands and businesses all around the world.  Participants can use the props provided — or bring your favourite objects — and learn how to design a classic flat lay that perfectly captures your personal style from a birds-eye view.

To reserve your spot visit the Apple website for registrations using the link below:

Apple Store, Brisbane Event featuring Social Media Photographers

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Focus on the Good  

Being a small business owner is rewarding, exciting, challenging and sometimes just plain hard.  As I reflect on the past year, I can see how easy it was at times to get distracted by the “hard” rather than excited by the challenge.   As I navigated the peaks and valleys of small business ownership I had to draw on an entrepreneur’s greatest asset- their resilience.  For me, a big shift in my thinking came when I decided to “Focus on the Good”. 

Having a positive outlook is good, but sometimes it can be a passive exercise.  By choosing to FOCUS on the good in my business I was able to extract maximum value from every situation and every interaction.  Let me give you an example.

Have you ever been asked to provide your product or services for free?  As a professional photographer I have encountered this situation many times.  In the early days it used to frustrate me.  “I can’t imagine someone asking their accountant to do their taxes for free,” I would say.  I came close to falling into the trap that engulfs many small business owners- how do I not take it personally when I feel like other people don’t value my work?

By choosing to focus on the good, I recognised that if a prospect is asking for my services (even for free) it was then my job to educate them on what’s involved to provide the service and to help them realise the value.  Occasionally this has caused offence with some prospects but for the most part it has been met with understanding (and more often than not a signed contract for paid work).  I knew the value of professional photography and it was my mission to help others understand how high quality photography could help build their business.  Rather than focus on the perceived rejection of a client asking for my services for free I removed the negative emotions and focussed on client education. 

Three tips to help you focus on the good:

  • Ask questions (and be a good listener).  The more you know, the better you can understand your client’s needs, their concerns and the opportunities to help them.
  • Back yourself.  I started Social Media Photographers with my business partner because I had a passion for photography and could see how great photos outperformed poor quality photos on social media.  Social media has levelled the playing field for small businesses and we wanted to help them succeed.  Not everyone gets “it” and not every business is ready for “it”.  We know what we do adds practical, measurable value to businesses.  We back ourselves everyday with our thoughts and our actions.
  • Improve, improve, improve.  Did you get negative feedback on your service or knocked back on a proposal?  Don’t be afraid to ask questions (see above) and take action to improve where necessary.  Never stop learning, reading, sharing and collaborating.

We have been very fortunate this year to work with many talented and hardworking businesses and individuals that are making a difference in their own line of work.  Through our Corporate and Professional Profile Photos we have seen business owners and employees blossom with confidence just by having a profile photo that they feel proud to share.  In our Product Photography and Styling services we have helped businesses create engaging photos of their products to share on their websites and social media profiles to drive sales and product knowledge.  And in our Phone Photography Training sessions we have helped individuals gain new skills in visual content creation that are vital in today’s digital economy.

Being a small business owner has never been so good!

How do you focus on the good in your business?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Professional Event Photography 5 Reasons To Invest in Professional Event Photography5 Reasons To Invest in Professional Event PhotographyYou need a Professional Photographer at your next event. Whether it's the annual Christmas Party or launch of THE next big thing, a work function is a chance to put on your dancing shoes and celebrate achievements with the people you spend a third of your life with.  But what does it all mean once the bar tab has run dry?  It’s all about the memories and photos still tell the best story.

Here are the top five reasons to invest in a professional photographer for your next event:

1. Return on Investment

Events are expensive.  Whether it is a lunch for your employees, a Christmas party, conference or marketing event, you want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  The best way to extract maximum value from your spend is to ensure you have high-quality pictures that will last long after the event has finished.  And every time your event photo is shared or re-visited your spend goes that little bit further.  Great event photos can be used in multiple ways:

  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • Website
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Cost-effective event gifts/souvenirs
  • Newspapers and PR

2. Your Event is not a Dress Rehearsal.

There are no “do-overs” at events.  Many businesses have tried to cut costs and take a DIY approach to event photography.  The shame is that not only does this stop a team member from enjoying the event but if they are not a professional photographer, the images may not be up to scratch.  Once the moment has passed you will never get a chance to go back and get a great picture.  Fuzzy, blurry, poorly lit, out of focus or just unflattering images are no use to your business and won’t help to build your brand.

3. Show your employees and customers you care.

Great event photos let you share the wonderful experience with employees and customers - even if they aren’t there.  Customers love to engage with businesses that show they are authentic, treat their employees well and are customer-focused.  Sharing your event photos allows people who weren’t able to join you see the great work you do.  You can also have the professional photos printed as a meaningful and cost-effective gift.

4. No more NSFW incidents that damage your brand (and give HR a headache!).  

The days of a cheeky bare bum on a photocopier image are long gone.  Now inappropriate images can spread like wildfire before the event has even finished!  By engaging a professional photographer, you will have the confidence that all images are appropriate (and flattering) to your business and attendees.  You can encourage your guests to put down their phones and enjoy the event while the photographer captures all the fun.  And if you are thinking of hiring a photo booth (especially where the photos have your branding) be sure to have clear rules .  Plenty of inappropriate shenanigans have happened behind the curtain.

5. Memories matter. 

Have you ever heard of the photo-taking impairment effect?  Researchers have found that people’s memory was not as accurate or detailed when they were taking pictures.  Help your attendees focus on the event and make great memories by relieving them of the burden of photographing it.

Make sure you document your events that compliment your brand and go down in the history books for all the right reasons.


Need an event photographer?  We can help.  Click here to contact us.

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The 7 Faces of Linkedin First impressions matter.  So why are so many people neglecting their Linkedin profile photos?

Princeton psychologists reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, and that longer exposures don’t significantly alter those impressions.

In fact it took you longer to read the words “First Impressions” than it takes you to form an impression of someone based on their Linkedin profile photo.

If you are in the job market, one study found that recruiters spent nearly 20% of the total viewing time on you profile staring at your profile picture. But don’t think just because you may not be in the job market that your profile picture does not matter. An IDC Social Buying Report found that 76% of B2B buyers prefer to work with recommendations from their professional network- so your prospects are checking you out (and forming impressions about you too).

We did a comprehensive review of over 1000 profiles from across the world and the results were surprising.  Linkedin profile photos generally fall into one of 7 categories that we like to call "The 7 Faces of Linkedin"

1. The Phantom

Hello, is it you I'm looking for?  Hard to believe it but people are creating profiles everyday without uploading a profile photo.  And many have their privacy settings set to not display their profile photo publicly.

2. The Dark and Mysterious

We're not talking about your personality- it's all about the lighting (or lack of it) and sometimes even the choice to wear sunglasses (?!).  Profile photos should be well lit, not just because it is more flattering but it also helps the viewer to clearly identify you.

3. The Chopper - AKA "The Cold Shoulder"

The Chopper is ruthless, slicing off friends, family and loved ones all for the sake of a profile photo. Sometimes they even chop themselves.  Images like these create a visual distraction, leaving the viewer wondering more about who else should be in the picture rather than paying full attention to you.

4. The Life of the Party

Just don't do it.  Even if you are in the events and promotions space (or just a real live-wire at parties) you still need to present a professional, industry appropriate profile photo.

5. The Selfie

Linkedin is a valuable networking, business building, income generating tool.  You deserve better representation than a Facebook worthy selfie.

6. The Reluctant Poser

You really didn't want to do this but Marketing, your boss, your Grandma told you "You need a Linkedin Profile!".  So you stand like a deer in the headlights while someone gets a quick snap and BAM!  There is your photo. (Trust me, I feel for you.  Most people hate getting their photo taken.  But that's no excuse for not getting a comfortable, natural looking photo- you are worth it!).

7. The Polished Professional

Confident and ready to do business.  Thank you for showing your network the real you. Someone who values their personal brand and is willing to invest in a professional, high quality profile picture.  You look great!

Which one are you?


If it's time to update your Linkedin Profile we can help!  Contact us for information on our Pop Up Studio- perfect for individual photos or the whole team.

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Why Your Phone is the Only Camera You Need on Holiday  

One of the first rules of travel is to pack light. One way that you can lighten your luggage load is to ditch the SLR or point-and-shoot camera and just travel using your smartphone camera.

Phone cameras have dramatically improved over the past few years. Apple promotes the quality of the iPhone camera with their "Shot on iPhone" campaign. And some Android phones offer superior quality to the iPhone.

But this isn't really a discussion about camera makes or models, but rather recognising that for many of us the camera we reach for first is our phone camera. And to prove our point, we set off on two very different holidays armed with only our phone camera.  And in additional to keeping us under our baggage allowance, having only our phone camera prompted us to develop our latest workshop. 

What is Travelography?

Travelography means travel photography.  And if your smartphone is less than 3 years old, you have a pretty powerful camera that will help you to capture just about every type of travel photo you want.  In our Travelography Workshop, we explore

  • Travel Photography from the experts
  • How to apply photography fundamentals to take a great shot
  • Phone camera tricks
  • The must have Travel Photography tools and camera accessories

Western Australia- shot on Samsung Note 3 by Amber Pace

Western Australia - Travel Photos by Amber Pace (Samsung Note 3)

You can capture memorable travel photos with your phone camera.

Phone cameras do have some limitations but with the right training, you can overcome many of these to still capture amazing photos.  In our adventures, Amber set off to explore Australia's Coral Coast in beautiful Western Australia.  Her goal was to capture the diverse scenery from beach to desert with only her phone camera.  And Jan went for an overseas holiday to Hawaii with visions of sandy beaches and lush green jungles.  We  had two goals in mind:

  1. Take some great travel photos to help us remember the holiday.  We use our photos for Social Media, Photo books and prints just like the typical traveler.
  2. Spend less time behind the camera trying to get lots of photos and more time enjoying our holiday and the scenery. 

We found that as we spoke to other travelers they had the same goals.  They wanted really great pictures, but often found themselves frustrated that they seemed to be spending more time taking pictures than participating in the holiday.  And often after all the time and energy taking photos, they were still disappointed with the result.

It was clear that travelers wanted to use their phone- but just needed some help learning the tips and tricks.  We decided to put our own experiences to the test to develop our Travelography Workshop to help others create stunning holiday photos.

A good artisan does not blame his or her tools.

If you have been disappointed by your holiday or travel photos in the past, it's easy to blame the quality of your phone camera.  But if your smartphone is less than 3 years old (and in good nick) you can achieve high quality photos that you will love for years to come- with the right training.  Having a strong understanding of photography fundamentals is the first step.  Also knowing how to use your phone camera to take great shots and what accessories can help will ensure that you have everything you need to take great photos.

Oahu Hawaii-Phone Camera Photos on Samsung Note 4 by Jan Easton Oahu, Hawaii - Travel Photos by Jan Easton (Samsung Note 4)

Want to learn more?  Join one of our Travelography Workshops or contact us for additional details.  If you have a great travel photo that you want to share, follow us on Instagram @socialmediaphotographers and tag us in your photos.


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Eat with Your Eyes - Food Styling Basics Food, glorious food!  Do you ever get the sense that your social media feeds are being overtaken by images of food?  We do, and for the most part we love it.  Instafoodies and Foodbookers keep us entertained, inspired and hungry- most of the time.  But it only takes a few dark and dirty looking food pictures to put us off our meal.  The old adage that we "eat with our eyes" is a golden rule for social media. 

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to improve phone camera food photography.    So we tried a little experiment to see if how food is styled and photographed affected people's desire to eat it.  Have a look at the two images below.  Same meal, same phone camera (Samsung Galaxy Note 3), same photographer.

We then asked our friends, family and social media audience which dish they would rather eat.  It's no surprise that the dish on the left was chosen 100% of the time.  No one was even slightly tempted by the dish on the right.

Now, have a look at your social media feeds.  Have you seen people posting images similar to the dish on the right (or are your guilty of it yourself?).  It's not the worst photo ever....but its not enticing, engaging or doing this tasty dish any justice.

Sometimes it's simple changes to make all the difference.  The dish on the left was a clear winner, and we never even told anyone what it was they were choosing to eat!  So if you like sharing pictures of your meals, here are a few things to consider.

Set the scene

Before snapping your food photo, consider these questions:  Where was it made? How was it made? What else am I eating it with?  If you are taking a photo for a recipe or promoting the dish as homemade, consider including some of the raw ingredients with the finished product.  If you are at a gorgeous restaurant think about how you may capture the scene in your photo.


We were careful to place our dish to create a line of sight to fill the frame.  The dish was in the foreground as the main focal point, from there we led the eye with the handle, to the magazine and to the casserole dish on the stove top.  Taking a picture of your food from a slight angle will generally provide a more appealing result (*unless you are specifically styling your food for a flat lay, but that is not the style we are working with here).

Add colour

Sometimes food isn't the prettiest colour, and brown food tends to be the hardest to look appetizing in photos.  Make your food photos pop by adding a few touches of colour.  This could be from the dish, a napkin or even the garnish. 

In this image we picked a yellow dish with white interior.  The white interior made sure our food didn't take on a yellow hue.  Next, we added some spinach leaves, grated carrot and a lemon wedge. However it wasn't until we added the bright red capsicum that the dish came to life. 

If you did not make the food yourself, have a look at the meal and your surrounds to see how you might incorporate some colour.  You might pull the lettuce and tomato ever so slightly from the bun on your amazing burger, add a drizzle of mustard to your gourmet hot dog or place a folded red napkin under the edge of you plate.


Be aware of where the light is falling on your meal, always shoot with the light behind you.  Look for a shadow or a highlight and move around the dish to find the light. Then ensure your own shadow isn't in the way.  If you don't have enough light, turn every light on, open doors and curtains.  If there still isn't enough to light up your dish, fake it!  We used an  LED torch to wash some extra light on our dish and bring out the colour and texture. 

If you are dining out your lighting options may be limited.  In that case use your best judgement- does it do the meal, the chef and the restaurant justice to take a dodgy photo?  Probably not.  Instead, put down your phone, live in the moment and enjoy your meal.

Now, here is the best part of our little experiment.  That tasty meal that everyone said they would be happy to tuck in to was.....DOG FOOD!  With a bit of clever styling and applying a few simple photography tips we were able to make the most unappetising of foods look delicious.

Do you love taking pictures of food?  Follow us on Instagram and share your best images or food styling tips.  If you want some additional help with improving your food photography or styling, contact us.

Want more?  Here is a behind the scenes look at how we styled this shoot.

Social Media Photographers - Food Styling Basics

*A big thank you to everyone that played along with our little experiment.  Ginger the WonderDog (and our Chief Furnancial Officer) was very happy to help us with the washing up!



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Unlock Your Creativity Unlock Your CreativityNo matter what you do, creativity is a part of life, even if you don’t know you are ‘doing it’.

No matter what you do, creativity is a part of life, even if you don’t know you are ‘doing it’.  Your challenge is to find the keys that unlock your creativity to keep your social media communications fresh and inspired for your audience. Definition of creativityDefinition of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something

The definition of creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

If you’re thinking "I’m not the creative type" and you’re about to switch off reading this and start wondering what’s for dinner or what to do on the weekend, you’re doing it, you’re CREATING ideas!

How do you BE creative?

While I was on my own creative hiatus from photography, I decided to focus on doing everyday things from a new perspective.  What would happen if I saw my environment differently, used my brain differently?

As I spoke with friends who were in a rut, I offered these same tips and realised they were relevant to anyone looking for a new spin on things.  If in your life, career or passion, you feel that your creativity has upped and left or you’re simply out of ideas, use these tips to help get your creative mojo working.

And while you’re at it, be your own best friend and be kind to yourself.

1. Find a new perspective. 

This can be applied to everyday things like sitting at a different seat of the table where you eat; a different table at your local café or even reminding yourself to look out a new window from the office.  You’ll be surprised at what you notice! 

I set myself a challenge one day to take photos lying on the ground and found this antsion (mansion for ants).

Find a new perspective


2. Walk on the opposite side of the street during your usual route.

Have your ever walked or driven home and not actually remembered the journey?  Taking yourself out of your normal routine will help switch your brain off of auto-pilot.  Going somewhere new, even if it is just across the street encourages you to take notice of what's happening around you. 


3. Give your brain a workout.

Your brain is like a muscle that gets weak overtime without use.  The good thing is brain workouts don't have to involve burpees (although physical exercise is great for the mind).  Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand for a week.

Try to solve a Rubix’s Cube without peeling the stickers off or beat your personal score on the latest brain training app.  Reach out to parts of your brain you don’t access often. Your brain needs flexing too.


4. Finish or forget.

Free up space of unfinished projects that might be cluttering your life (and brain).  This will free your mind from wandering to that craft or work project you started and never finished. I read a great article on decluttering that suggested to hold an item and ask yourself, does this bring me joy? If the answer is no, forget it and be OK to part with your amazing idea from months ago and bin it, recycle it or give it away.  This is a very liberating activity!

If it does bring you a sense of joy, finish it.  Choose one project to finish, that’s all it takes to make some mind space for new ideas and feel a sense of satisfaction. It may even inspire you to finish more.


5. Challenge yourself.

Whether for the mind or your body, set yourself a simple challenge.  It might be to walk/run/skip for 5km, take a photo a day, or improve your diet.  Start small and make it achievable.  This helps take the focus away from your creative rut to give it some breathing space. Often you will find that as your focus moves to something new you will have a light bulb moment about another area of your life/work.


6. Learn something new.

A quote by John Cage that I find really inspiring is "I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."  Developing a habit of lifetime learning exposes you to a wealth of new ideas.  Read a book, join a webinar, attend a workshop or enroll in a new course.  You’ll be surprised how things in life inter-relate, not to mention new people to meet.


7. You've already started!

Congratulations!  By reading this article your brain is already making new connections.  We can't wait to see what you do next.

Share your creativity tips or the results of your creative spark with us in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram.


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7 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Watching Play School 7 Social Media Lessons from Playschool7 Social Media Lessons from Playschool Play School is a popular Australian education television show for pre-schoolers and young children.  The show captivates young kids and I have often found myself wondering how I could capture an audience’s attention in the same way.  I came to realise that Play School is a lot like Social Media.  You check in regularly, hope to meet new people and see something new, interesting and useful.  But to be really successful, you have to follow some basic rules.

Here are the 7 Social Media lessons I learned from watching Play School:

Keep it simple.

Toddlers have a short attention span.  But adults flipping through their Instagram feed are even worse.  You have milli-seconds to capture someone’s attention.  So keep your images and messages simple. Note: Simple does not mean simplistic.  You can still have depth, complexity and interest in your photos, as long as the overall image makes sense.   

Its make your own pizza tonight! Love the colour of fresh food, had to take a phone snap. #phonephotography #fresh #pizza #phonecamera

A photo posted by Social Media Photographers (@socialmediaphotographers) on

Perfection is overrated.

Think of the lovely, lopsided and imperfect crafts on Playschool.  Rather than getting stuck in the rut of perfection, aim to take really great photos.  Practice, review, make adjustments, ask for help.  But just get on with it and CREATE!

Colour rules. 

Black and white images will always have a place and there is nothing wrong with including a few in your Instagram feeds (our posts from the 5 day black and white photo challenge were well received).  But overall, colour will get you more engagement every time.

Themes provide focus. 

The Play School format includes a weekly theme that is used to guide the show’s content including songs, crafts and stories.  You can also use themes in your photographs and social media posts.  These may be daily, weekly, seasonal or just based on what inspires you at the moment. In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, we worked with local florists to fill our Instagram feed with blooms.

Knowledge is power. 

Humans crave knowledge and learning.  Play School makes learning fun and interesting.  How can you be useful and share your knowledge?  This could be providing tips, tricks or advice to your followers.


Play is good. 

Lighten up, have some fun and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself or share some joy.  Play is a natural state for kids (it’s not surprising that the show is called Play School!).  Look for ways that you can add some playfulness to your images.

Be friendly. 

Big Ted would never call Humpty fat or tell Jemima that her dress was ugly.  If you see someone doing something awesome or an image that you love, leave them a comment to let them know.  And if you don’t have anything nice to say … just keep it to yourself.  Constructive feedback can be provided via a direct message if you really want to be helpful.  We have reached out directly to other Instagram users via a direct message to offer suggestions on photo improvements or adjustments.  We often get a very positive and thankful response because the private and helpful nature of the message makes it clear we are genuine and not just trolling or spamming with comments.

Have your been inspired by a children's show?  We'd love to hear from you.  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram (#smpinspo) or leave a comment below.

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What Instagram made me do at midnight Ever been watching TV late at night and felt the power of advertising draw you up from the couch? Before you can say "the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks," you're grabbing the keys and heading out the door.

Well, Instagram did it to me tonight ... at midnight.  Can you believe a laundromat and a ham sandwich were involved in this seduction.

This isn't about how easily I'm seduced by a ham sandwich. My point is that if you aren't using social media for your business, you're missing out on suckers like me!

It started as an innocent comment on a post by one of our favourite Instagramers, @indooroopilly_laundromat.

They had posted an enticing image of a generously loaded ham toasted sandwich with Nanna's mango sauce, garnished with rocket. It was from their neighbouring cafe @abodecafe.

I glanced at my Instagram account to see that ham sandwich again at midnight and decided then that I wanted it now.  Lucky I had the basic ingredients at home and it's still on my mind to drive across town and try out the real deal sometime soon.  I might even take my washing...

Here is my version - iceberg lettuce just doesn't do it so check out the original mouthwatering version on Instagram and while you're there, follow @socialmediaphotographers for pretty pictures and photo tips you can use with your phone camera. Ham Sandwich Instagram made me do it

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How To Capture Beautiful Flower Images With Your Phone Camera  

How to Capture Beautiful Flower Images with your Phone Camera

How good is that unexpected knock on the door, or the delivery of flowers someone at work was lucky enough to have their name on, as they make a beeline to the chosen one, heads turning, oohs and ahhs only to find they are for you!  They’re vibrant, freshly spritzed with droplets of water comfortably clinging on, the smell and those perfect petals.  I need to take a photo to freeze the moment in time it’s all so perfect. I want to show these babies off.

As a photographer, I like to capture those emotions in a photo and share them with my friends.  And I know lots of other people do too, which is what inspired me to write this post.  This post was almost titled "Please Don't Take Bad Photos of Great Flowers" or "Ahhhh, My Eyes Hurt!" or "And The Florist Wept Silently".  I’m often found wishing the photo maker had stepped to the right or the left to where the light is so I can see the intricate details of a flower, instead of the muddy, blah look flowers get when they are in the shadows. Like these poor posts:

Not shown in its best lightNice that a banana in the background? Shame I can't see the flowers. Not show in its best lightWhen light isnt considered when you photograph your flowers, they can end up with this dull, muddy look.

I'm a strong believer in the simple rule "If you are going to photograph it, make it fabulous".  And while photography is subjective, most people can agree on what makes a photo "bad".  So how does the average snapper get great shots of their Valentine's bouquet?  Here are a few simple tips and all you will need is a phone camera and a bit of practice.


You’ve heard it before, ‘make sure the light is behind you’. But often we forget when you do that, you end up casting your own shadow over your beautiful blooms.  Look around your home/office.  Where is the strongest light source?  If you are lucky enough to have natural light streaming in from a window, that is a great place to start.  But if you only have artificial light (overhead or lamps) see where you can position your flowers to get the most light.   Open doors and curtains, you will be surprised when you look for light, where you find it.

Once you have found your light source, your job isn’t done. Now look for how the light is cast on your flowers. Can you see areas of highlights? Move around the flowers, remember you are often the shadow in your own way! If not, try moving yourself again to a different angle or move the flowers. Try taking a few sample shots from different angles to find the best light.

Sometimes the light can be flat lighting (no clear areas of light or shade) especially if indoors at night or under fluorescent office lights.  In this case, try to add an additional light source from a lamp or window.  Don't be tempted to use your phone flash- the light is too harsh to make your flowers shine.  Shadows and lightBe aware of where the light falls on your bouquet

Tips to Remember:

  • Go to the light!
  • Look for the light and shade on your flowers.
  • Move yourself or your flowers to get the best angle.
  • Take test shots from different angles.
  • Don't use the phone flash- it's too harsh for your delicate flowers.


Once you have found the light, have a good look around for what else will be in the picture.  Are there distractions that you can easily remove (think clutter, baskets of washing, hubby watching t.v.)  If you can't remove something, like a wall colour, have a good think about whether you can make it work with your photo.  Take a quick test snap and look at the result.   If you are not happy with the background, you have a few options.  You can either move your flowers to a new location, setup your shot so that you crop out most if not all of the background, or try to setup a new background.  If you are cropping your shot, the end result will be a tight focus on the flowers.  This is great, but won't work if you want a photo that includes the entire floral arrangement or an image that shows size and scale (think long-stemmed roses...up close it's just a rose). 

Setting up a new background can be done using a funky backdrop (think curtains, throws, fabric or even wooden furniture), or you may "style" your photo to include other accessories like books, jewellery, candles or a window.  You may photograph your flowers with the floral paper and ribbons on or remove this and put them in a nice vase.  Don't be afraid to try out a few options.  We're incredibly fortunate these days that we don't have to pay for film or wait for our photos to be developed!

Once you have your location selected and have re-checked your light you still have to move!  This time it's about moving yourself to gain a new perspective.  How do your flowers look when you are looking at them from above, below or straight on?  Stand on a stool or chair if you need some height or crouch down to get yourself in the best angle. Busy BackgroundBe aware of whats in your background. Tips to Remember:

  • Remove clutter and distractions.
  • If 90% of the background works you can always crop the final image.
  • Look for contrasting or complementary background colours that don't detract from your flowers.
  • Try out some styling options.
  • Go high, go low...for a new perspective.


Most phone cameras have an auto-focus feature that will do the job quite well if you hold the camera still and wait for the display image to come into focus.  Where most people get the focus of an image wrong is when they put the camera too close to the flower (like the image below) or they try to use the zoom feature.  Since we can assume that you are trying to photograph a floral arrangement in your own home or office (not from 25 metres away) its safe to say that you should not need to use the zoom.  The zoom feature on most cameras is not going to give you a a quality image.  And neither is putting the camera this close to the flowers.  You are better off taking a great shot of the flowers and then editing your image and using the CROP feature to "zoom" into the detail or remove distractions.  And if you find that your images are blurry, even when you are using the auto-focus this generally indicates there is not enough light.  See the tips below on light sources. Crop, never zoom with your phone cameraRemember to allow room to crop, as you shoot Tips to Remember:

  • Slow down and hold the camera still
  • Wait for the auto-focus to work- you should see a clear image in your screen display
  • Stand about 1 metre away and don't use the zoom.  You can always crop the final image to "zoom" in on detail.
  • If your images are still blurry, check your light source.


Before you reach for an Instagram filter to make your photo look amazing, remember that how and what you choose to photograph is what will really grab someone's interest and turn an okay photo into something fabulous.  Look for size, texture, pattern and/or colour.  Maybe you want a close up shot to show the delicate water droplets on the velvety petals of a blood red rose.  Or maybe you choose the highlight the contrast between the soft, delicate flowers against the rough hessian lining.  This is your chance to really have fun with your photography and take some chances. 

You can also use your background and other styling options to help bring the image together to create interest.  Maybe you have your flower vase to the far left of the image to highlight the long, sweeping stems of an orchid.  If you can't capture your rose just how you want it in a vase, try slipping one out and laying it flat on the wooden dining table or the stone tiles.  Capture the delight of your little person having their first real smell of a fragrant rose or the tickle of a sprig of delicate daisy's tickling their toes.  Styling and propsTry different backgrounds and try some styling options Tips to Remember:

  • Look for size, texture, pattern and / or colour
  • Use perspective (up high, down low, tight focus, wide focus) to add interest.
  • Have fun and be creative- these flowers are there to make you happy!

Post Editing

Don't be afraid to crop your images, or use the straighten and auto correct features.  If you have taken the time to work through the previous tips, you will find that your post editing is much easier as you are just refining a great shot rather than trying to work magic on a bad photo. Add text or display in a gridTry some apps to try some varied visuals

Tips to Remember:

  • Start with a great photo to make post editing easy.
  • Filters are fun, but be careful they don't take away from the natural beauty of your flowers.
  • Use apps to add words or create photo grids.

Share the Love!

Don't keep your beautiful flowers just to yourself.  Share them with your friends on Instagram and Facebook.  We'd love to see your photos so be sure to tag #smpflorist and #smpvalentine.

Want to learn more?

We do phone camera workshops, or if you are a florist we can even come to you with our Pop Up Studio.  Contact us to learn more.

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Top 5 Tips for Great Linkedin Profile Photos 5 Tips for Great Looking Linkedin Profiles5 Tips for Great Looking Linkedin Profiles

If you are going to use Linkedin to its full potential to increase your professional profile and business reach, investing in your professional profile photo is an important step.  Here are our top 5 tips for a great looking Linkedin profile:

#1 Use a professional camera and lighting setup.

You may capture a good photo on your iphone or DSLR but we think your professional profile is worthy of a great photo.  A professional camera and lighting setup will produce a high quality image, free of shadows, harsh or unflattering light or unbalanced colours.

#2 Don’t use photo enhancing apps or filters. 

A few tweaks or filters can’t hurt can they?  Unfortunately, most photo enhancing apps distort the image- and people will notice.  The end result will look a bit off making the viewer feel uncomfortable looking at your picture without knowing exactly why.  Leave the gently retouching to the professionals to get the best and most natural result.

#3 Clothing matters.

We haven’t seen any “clothing optional” photos on LinkedIn but we have seen plenty of questionable choices.  Ensure that your attire is flattering and appropriate to your industry.  This will pretty much rule out any weekend, wedding or sporting photos no matter how great you look.

#4 Don’t crop your friends and family.

You may be tempted to use that great family photo for your profile picture all you need to do is crop out your wife/husband/child/dog, right?  Wrong.  Poorly cropped images leave the viewer wondering about what’s missing from the shot rather than focusing on connecting with you.

#5 Update your photo regularly. 

The common recommendation is to update your profile photo at least annually.  Additionally you should consider updating your profile photo after major changes (weight loss, hair style changes, etc) or if you are looking for a new role.  This ensures that your profile always looks fresh, current and like the real you.


Is it time to give your profile photo a refresh?  Visit us at one of our Pop Up Studios.  Contact us for dates and times of our next session or we can come to you.

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What does your Linkedin Profile Photo say about you? What does your Linkedin Profile say about youWhat does your Linkedin Profile say about you

As a professional photographer my eye is trained to see ways a photograph can be improved- better lighting, focus, cropping, and the list goes on.  But as I scrolled through pages of missing or amateur looking Linkedin profile photos it got me wondering…was I being too critical?  Does a professional Linkedin profile picture really matter?

To help answer this question I reached out to Amanda Hoffmann, a Bookkeeper, speaker and blogger who is a Linkedin expert.

Q: Why should people have a professional Linkedin Profile Photo?

A: A recent and professional photo is important not just as a way for people to identify if they know you, but to ensure you create a strong positive impression.  Sadly, most contacts do not put much thought into their profile photo, thinking that a wedding shot will do.

Q: Does an out of date photo, or no profile photo, affect the quality of connections on Linkedin?

A: On principle, I will not connect with anyone who does not have a profile photo that I recognise. The only exception to that rule is for family members whom I love and grew up with.  When it comes to creating a good first impression, a clear, recent professional photo always works best. Ensure that it shows your profile from the shoulders up with no busy background that would detract from your face.

Q: Many people we talk to think Linkedin is just like a resume- and they would never put their photo on a resume.  What are your thoughts?

A: When people forget about LinkedIn being only a "resume" they open their minds and hearts to new opportunities. I helped my cousin to update her LinkedIn profile. She is in a profession where many of her colleges have no photo or an unfinished profile. Within four months she was approached for new opportunities with better pay and position. She decided to stay where she is, but has been given acknowledgment of her professionalism, value and a large pay rise to stay where she is.  LinkedIn can open many doors of new opportunities and increase your ability to be successful when used as a networking platform and with an open mind.

For more helpful Linkedin tips from Amanda, you can read her article here.

If you are going to use Linkedin to its full potential to increase your professional profile and business reach, investing in your professional profile photo is an important step.  To learn more about how to get a great Linkedin profile photo read the Social Media Photographers Top 5 Tips for Great Linkedin Profile Photos.

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8 Ways To Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook 8 Ways to Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook8 Ways to Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook Facebook regularly tinkers with their Newsfeed algorithms making it more difficult for your posts to get noticed by your audience.  So for the time poor business owner, how can you maximise your content so that you can engage with your audience?

Here are our 8 Ways To Plan Perfect Posts for Facebook...

  • Plan to create great content. Engaging content doesn't just happen- you have to make it happen.  Most people cannot just hop onto Facebook and whip up a really great post that will have their audience raving.  You have to make a post planner and craft your post content accordingly.  This means linking it to information that will be of value to your audience which can include news, tips, events, sales or special offers, humourous or lifestyle stories depending on your business needs and Facebook strategy. 
  • Include a photo or video.  Facebook is a visual medium and posts with a photo, graphic or video gain more engagement.  According to Simply Measured's Q3 2014 Facebook Study, photos account for 62% of all brand posts and 77% of all engagement.
  • Keep your post content short and free of typos.  While post length is not a hard and fast rule- post quality and grammar must not be ignored.  While you can include the occasional long post, ensure that the content is going to be worth the extra time your audience invest in clicking on the "Continue Reading" link.
  • Verify all links and tags are correct prior to posting.  Sure, you can edit a post to correct any mistakes but that takes time.  Get your post content right the first time and don't rely on your audience to point out broken links or incorrect tags.
  • Ask a question or offer something.  Engaging posts prompt a conversation or action.  Don't be afraid to ask for opinions, suggestions or solutions from your audience.  An offer doesn't have to be a discount or giveaway (but these help).  You may offer a useful link, exclusive access to events, or some other juicy morsel to share.
  • Test your post timing.  Get to know your audience and test out the time and day that gets you the best engagement.  For some brands this may be after 5pm, or maybe a Saturday post works better than a Monday post.  Your audience is unique to your brand, so take the time to get to know when they like to interact with you.
  • Monitor your notifications.  Keep the engagement flowing by being responsive to your audience.  Promptly answer questions, reply to comments and acknowledge your readers.  Let them know there are real people behind the page- keep it social!
  • Repackage and re-post popular content.  There is no way that every post will reach every member of your audience all of the time.  To get the most value out of your carefully crafted posts, repackage your content and create a new post.  This might be changing the wording of your offer or question, using a different variation of an image or graphic or just re-posting the same content at a later date.  The timing will vary based on the overall frequency of your posts and audience engagement but if the post content is still topical and valuable, re-posting can occur anywhere from 1 day to 1 months time.

To help you remember these tips, down our free Facebook Post Checklist.  Hang it up in your office as a easy reminder to help you Plan Perfect Posts.

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Retail Stock Display Photo Tip


Your new stock has arrived and what a fabulous display you have crafted.  Now to take a photo and share it with everyone and hope the shelves are cleared by tomorrow.  Photographing everything to try and appeal to ....well, everyone, always ends up in a photo with nothing for the eye to be drawn to.  See our example above, the image on the left (if you noticed it!) is made up of the most beautiful Christmas decorations I have seen; photographing them like this does not do them justice.  For this exercise, Santa was photographed in the magic glow of his candle. Looking at the image on the right, I'm wondering why I didn't take him home!  Did you see Santa in the image on the left?

Take photos of individual items in your display and share them throughout a day or week. Give your audience a chance to admire individual pieces or sets of items.

We invite retailers to send a product shot to our Facebook page with the hashtag #smphelp and one of our photographers will respond with a free tip to help you improve your in-store snaps.

Like us today on Facebook for our regular photography tips.

Thanks to Anthea's at Brookside Shopping Centre for allowing us to sample shots in their store.


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How Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile Photo? LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 740 million users.  Having a high quality, up-to-date profile photo is one way to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd.

Why are professional LinkedIn photos so important?

You create and maintain your LinkedIn profile because you want to be seen and make meaningful connections.   First, you can’t be seen without a photo.  Profiles with photos are up to 14 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without photos.  And a high-quality photo is the easiest first step to making meaningful connections.  It’s not just about how you look - appropriate photos give your profile credibility, professionalism, recognition and personal branding.  James Caan, author of Get The Job You Really Want, said in a recent LinkedIn post : “A complete LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about the person’s level of professionalism.”  You can’t have a complete profile without a high-quality photo.

What should my photo look like?

There are hundreds of articles and posts that try to set out tips for the perfect LinkedIn profile photo. Our suggestions are more direct.

  1. Ensure your profile photo complies with LinkedIn’s guidelines
  2. You should feel comfortable and positive about your photo.  Your profile photo should be appropriate to your profession but it should also be a true representation of you and your personal brand.  There is no value having a highly made-up or edited photo if it looks nothing like you in person. 
  3. Your photo should be up to date.  Don’t use outdated photos or corporate shots from previous employers.  If your actual appearance has changed- update your profile photos.
  4. Use professional quality photos that are well lit and properly sized.

How often should I change my LinkedIn profile photo?

  • When you change roles, get a promotion or change employers.
  • When your appearance changes – have you had a new haircut, recently lost weight or updated your wardrobe? Ensure your profile photo reflects these changes.
  • Seasonally or when your company has major announcements or you have major news to share.  Have you released a new product, book or launched a new service?  Consider updating your profile photo to coincide with the increase in activity that your profile will see.

If nothing else changes, update your profile photo at least twice a year.  Let people know that you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and that you value the currency of information you share.  With professional photo sessions available from $55 p/p for groups of 16 or more and from $199 for individuals, it’s a small investment to make in your overall professional image.



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Case Study World's First Virtual Sausage Sizzle Having worked in the not-for-profit sector, our client Melissa Speare, knew how difficult the fundraising process can be for charitable organisations.  As she prepared to participate in her fourth charity bike ride with Smiling for Smiddy, a group that raises funds for cancer research as part of the Mater Foundation, it seemed hitting her personal fundraising goal needed more preparation than the 2600km journey she was training for.

Family and friends have been incredibly generous over the years in supporting Melissa’s various fundraising efforts.  And Melissa was a seasoned professional on the fundraising scene, hosting prize raffles, selling chocolates, running weekend sausage sizzles and donating her time and services as a massage therapist to raise funds.

With time running out to meet her goal to help fund life-changing cancer research, she knew that using social media could help raise funds.  Initially, Melissa was looking to use social media to promote an upcoming weekend sausage sizzle that she and her family were going to host, with the aim to donate profits to Smiling for Smiddy.  Having run sausage sizzles in the past, Melissa knew that this form of fundraising was effective, but required a lot of time, materials and effort, with a small portion of the funds actually making its way to the charitable beneficiary.

Melissa reached out to Social Media Photographers (SMP) for help setting up her Facebook event.  Working with Melissa, SMP saw an opportunity to save her another hard day’s work and created the world’s first “Virtual Sausage Sizzle” on Facebook.

What’s a Virtual Sausage Sizzle?
A typical weekend sausage sizzle sells a sausage for $2.50, with only a small portion of that going back to the charitable beneficiary once you factor in costs associated with buying the sausage, bread, sauce, promotion, staff and electricity/gas.  What if you could encourage a donation of $2.50 where 100 per cent goes to charity- and no one has to give up their entire Saturday on the barbecue?  And from this idea, the world’s first “Virtual Sausage Sizzle” was born.  For a $2.50 donation, you get a “Virtual Sausage” for yourself or to share with friends. 

How did Social Media Photographers run the campaign?
To encourage people to participate we knew we had to educate them on:

  • What is a “virtual sausage”?
  • Why are we holding a “Virtual Sausage Sizzle”?
  • How they can participate and donate?

We started by developing a short video titled “Join Mel Speare’s Virtual Sausage Sizzle” that would introduce the concept and educate people on what it was for and how the donated funds would be used.  We created the hashtags #virtualsausagesizzle and #everysausagecounts to support the campaign.

Next, we completed a photo shoot with Melissa, who enthusiastically offered to dress up as a sausage.  We wanted to inject some fun into the campaign and showcase Melissa's personality.  We also created supporting visuals and communication branding for the campaign, including the all-important “Virtual Sausage” image.

Finally, we created a Facebook event as the main communication platform, with all donations processed via Melissa’s Everyday Hero Page.

The Results
The “Virtual Sausage Sizzle” campaign exceeded both Melissa’s expectations and her fundraising goals.

  • Over $1300 (and still counting) raised
  • This represented a 26% increase in donations
  • Over 540 “virtual sausages” sold
  • Increase network of supporters for Smiling for Smiddy

In addition to the funds raised, Melissa was able to gain valuable time with her family before her 10-day, 2600km charity bike ride.

“By using the social media strategy from SMP, I saved valuable time and money which meant 100 per cent of the funds raised went directly to Smiling for Smiddy. The campaign also introduced Smiling for Smiddy’s fight against cancer to a new audience, which will continue to provide long-term benefits for engagement in their events and ongoing fundraising efforts.”


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