How Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile Photo?

How Often Should I Update My LinkedIn Profile Picture LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 332 million users.  Having a high quality, up-to-date profile photo is one way to ensure your profile stands out from the crowd.

Why are professional LinkedIn photos so important?

You create and maintain your LinkedIn profile because you want to be seen and make meaningful connections.   First, you can’t be seen without a photo.  Profiles with photos are up to 14 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without photos.  And a high-quality photo is the easiest first step to making meaningful connections.  It’s not just about how you look - appropriate photos give your profile credibility, professionalism, recognition and personal branding.  James Caan, author of Get The Job You Really Want, said in a recent LinkedIn post : “A complete LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about the person’s level of professionalism.”  You can’t have a complete profile without a high-quality photo.

What should my photo look like?

There are hundreds of articles and posts that try to set out tips for the perfect LinkedIn profile photo. Our suggestions are more direct.

  1. Ensure your profile photo complies with LinkedIn’s guidelines
  2. You should feel comfortable and positive about your photo.  Your profile photo should be appropriate to your profession but it should also be a true representation of you and your personal brand.  There is no value having a highly made-up or edited photo if it looks nothing like you in person. 
  3. Your photo should be up to date.  Don’t use outdated photos or corporate shots from previous employers.  If your actual appearance has changed- update your profile photos.
  4. Use professional quality photos that are well lit and properly sized.

How often should I change my LinkedIn profile photo?

  • When you change roles, get a promotion or change employers.
  • When your appearance changes – have you had a new haircut, recently lost weight or updated your wardrobe? Ensure your profile photo reflects these changes.
  • Seasonally or when your company has major announcements or you have major news to share.  Have you released a new product, book or launched a new service?  Consider updating your profile photo to coincide with the increase in activity that your profile will see.

If nothing else changes, update your profile photo at least twice a year.  Let people know that you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and that you value the currency of information you share.  With professional photo sessions available from $149 per person, it’s a small investment to make in your overall professional image.




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